Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 Habits that Wreak Your Day and or even your Life

Humans are animals of habits. It is only when we decide to rehabilitate ourselves towards success that’s going to bring us success. Never the lottery or the perfection of live that most ignorance believes and awaits.

Here are 5 habits that mislead most people into misery and poverty;

  • Focus too much on associating with common topic

If your dream is to become successful and extraordinary in your career, the number one thing you should stop right now is to disassociate yourself from common topics like the news, the traffic and political problems(except you’re a politician). Too much of these common topic may be easier for you to associate with the people around you which most people may say that’s what they need to talk about to get into the circle. Well they may be right, but all they’ll get into is a bunch of turkey circle where they “quable” the whole day and get a worm by the end of the day with other turkeys instead of hunting like an eagle and flourish on from their prey where they should be doing.

Practice a new way of communication where most successful people do. When most people stumble your ear political issues give your praise on what’s good instead even you need to pay tax but at least be happy that the currency is good. Even the news says the economy is bad but be glad that more people are looking for more business opportunity which is going to bring you more customer and partners in your business. Always remember that it is ours mind that is going to turn poverty into riches never the politics nor the economy of course they are all advantages we could leverage in the long run.

  • Poison or distracted by media

Ever wonder why is it so much information pop up of nowhere of your brain that is completely not related when every time you’re focusing on important projects? Well here’s why, your brain is poisoned by the media that you see each day. Just like Kentucky pop up when you’re trying so hard to lost weight. Our eyes and ears are two of the most important sense of all because whatever we see or hear the information will be stored in the brain for use of long term. Take an example If u watch TV for 2 hours a day and seen 4 times of Kentucky advertisement a day you end up having Kentucky every week or even day depends on how much you’re influence. Good in good out, garbage in garbage out.

That doesn't mean you have to lock yourself away from the media. I think you’ll probably go crazy if you’re asked to leave it for just a day. Here’s an advice, be “choosy”. The reason why many people are easily infected by the media is because they are no consciously creating their world instead they let others to do it just like the Kentucky advertisement. Always keep in mind that “when you let others to create your life it will always be the size of your footstep”. Decide today to choose what’s going to be in your world; is it Kentucky or success? Is it poverty or rich? Make more choices and sooner or later you’ll see that living is a choice.

  • Killer breakfast

Nothing wreaks your day easier than an unhealthy breakfast. It kills your brain cell it weakens your muscles and drives you insane. American or Malaysian or anything other country, there’s always bad breakfast. Bacon and cheese or Meaty and oily food or fast food or is it coconut rice with spicy chili or curry especially in Malaysia? If you want to be successful eat a healthy breakfast and take good care of yourself, yes now and if possible change your whole diet.

You are responsible for your life and the temple god blessed you.  Start your day and have a healthy bowl of salad instead or have some oatmeal or even eggs in the morning. Drink plenty of water instead of coffee and flush out all those toxic. If you really need caffeine make healthy from teas like green tea. Alkalize your body today and you’ll love your life for the next 30 to 50 years because of what you've decided to do today.

  • Unlimited Snooze

We all know how to set alarm and some people sets 10 or even 50 alarms but yet they will have 10 and 50 of snooze. How insane is that to wake up 10 and 50 times just to wake up and re-snooze the alarm clock or your smart phones. Its going to makes you more tired than any other workout.
Practice today to wake up immediately! Right after you are conscious with the first sound of the alarm. If you really can’t pull your butt off here’s a great way roll yourself off the bed. Force yourself if it has to be done to stop snooze the alarm or even keep hearing the alarm until you’re so frustrated that you decide to wake up.

  • Starting the day without a Warm Up

Most people are likely to endure those lazy ass and bones that are not awaken from last night’s rest. Take 30 minutes every morning to warm up yourself. Kick that lazy butt out of that chair and do some squat instead and pull those lazy bones to work. Do some Bur-pees or keep it easy just take a short walk around the house and get some sweat going before you took your bath every day. Be active to stay productive. You might even take it as an investment. Investment 30 minutes and you’ll get a whole day of endorphin that makes you happy and exciting.

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