Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fools are the new Brilliants

I am a Fool not that I’m insane but I just do not understand what is wrong to be a fool. Steve Jobs right after he was being successful he was invited back to the college he kicked out for a speech and he left the world one power sentence that would literally stunt everyone listening to it, if you we’re there and it was “Stay hunger and stay foolish” how humble for a well known brilliant to re-brand himself a fool.

Here are a few successful lesson that only fools will understand;

  • Thomas Edison is a fool too does that makes the world any smarter? For a person who fails 1000 times just to get a bulb to light up is a fool. Just like Steve Jobs that created Apple Inc from his garage. And Einstein doesn't even know how to talk until he was 4. But what most people didn't see or appreciate is this fool changes the entire world from darkness because of a foolish persistence. How good to be a fool.

  • Fools don’t doubt like smarty pants not because they are brave it’s just because they simply do not know how. If anyone would have reminded them enough times the risk they will retreat even faster but the reason they did not is because they were too busy fooling around they can’t hear a word that you say.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte one of the bravest and kind French military and political leader once said that “Impossible is only to be the dictionary of fools” and he was right. Just like Nick Vuijicic one of the most famous motivational speaker and author, if god made him smart in the first place he would just give up his life but for a fool nothing is impossible. Even a person without hands and legs like Nick Vuijicic would even live to swim yet happily married with a beautiful wife and child.

  • Fools bring more peace to the world. Just imagine a pair of foolish couple driving on the road. They were fooling around with the map and ended up driving on the wrong way or vice-versa. Would they even argue? Of course not because they are all fools that are fool enough to follow each other even if they found out right after they reach home and re-start the journey they’ll just laugh out it because they are just too foolish to get angry and upset they were just fooling around.

  • Last but not least, Fools are prone to be experts because they are so foolish to learn every skill at once they pick them one by one and learn it one by one that makes them an experts in each skills they learn. Yet they are too foolish to realize that they already learned them they still took time to improve they always surpasses all the fool proof brilliant. 

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