Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Power of Psychology in Life

It all starts within you.
Whether it's a sales you're trying to make,
the weight you're trying to loss,
even the girl you're trying to catch up.

Everything start within you.
Success and failure are all a set of mental behavior which we called it psychology.

How Psychology makes the different?

We could all come out with brilliant strategy to achieve whatever we need to achieve but in the long term it is our own psychology, our own set of believe that's going to make us proceed.
But if we are not psychologically prepared for it we will still fail in the long term.

Assume you're having exercise without a nice warm up for sure you'll end up with cramps and bad performance because you are not ready.
Psychology gets us mentally ready. It allows our brain to sent the data to our body that 'physicallize' all the ideas in our inner world into results.

*Note "What our mind could conceive and believe it could become actual facts"
It is when we are ready to make a sales and believe we could make a sale that sales are made, when you're ready to be slim and believes its possible to loss weight that weight are loss, and so does our relationship and any other topics of life you've worked hard on even sex.

That is the reason why most successful people study psychology more than strategy studies.

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How Powerful is Psychology?

It is the alarm that woke us up every 6am. The extra push that leads us a breakthrough before and even after 5pm. And the willingness to even put our hands to study on our topics for achievement after the tiring day at 9pm. Also the  persistent to still achieve no matter what circumstances hits us every single moment in our way of success in life.

Psychology is also our set of attitude that turn every failure into a learn-able lessons and lead us to more perseverance.

Last of all, it is what reminds us of showing gratitude even in the toughest days of our life. It is our psychology within that led us to believe that there is always a way and a light at the end of every tunnel.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Money is Only an Advancement Never the Priority in Success nor Wealth

Money is only an advancement. Most people today started a career simply because they want to make some money or a decent income. The fact is, they will really make an income if their true purpose was money because in order to success in any career, money will always be an advancement never the main ingredient to success.

If you are watching this article right now you might have even realize we all had money most of the time but never really a lot to spend on what we want. Instead we spent most of it on what we need which is quite depressing because our brain is design to help us get what we want not what we need. What we want motivates us but only getting what we need depressed us.For example we need a full stomach but what we really wanted are the pleasure of enjoying good quality food that makes us healthy. 

Since money was invented in human history most people tried to chase wealth throughout their life but has not had been so much of a struggle until this century. Thanks to the tightening economy we have today and also the brilliant marketers, almost everything we use includes the light in our house and water we drink come as bills which equal money and taxes which equals more money are even apply in some countries. Water no longer from wells and food are no longer exchange but bought with money. Just like chickens that are already frozen and appeared box up.

Everything is packaged by the marketers to make money include food instead of focusing on what it really meant for.(Nutrition and warm)  Water, food and shelter are no longer a motivation but a burden to most people especially the parents that have just formed their family. If you are not yet conscious about it take out your calculate and calculate all your expenses add up each month and divide it in to week and days and hours and seconds and soon you will be so fed up that you finally realize money is even spent when your sleep. 

People are too tired with making money and chasing wealth that they quit and stick with poverty. A place called 'Someday Isle' when they can decide to make a breakthrough in life someday or never. Then they end up with a job and spending everything with still no leftover at the end of the month. Their lives are with no passion or fulfillment becoming zombies with an average routine every day. And they still believe someday they will have enough money to get off  'Someday Isle' and do something someday in life. And guess what? 80% of them never really make it happen.

Until this point you must be wondering whether you should keep striving on your way to wealth?

Why had this happened to people these days?  Well hitting by the pain of poverty most people believe that money is but a devil’s tool to bring a strike on humanity instead of a god given gift for the advance of humanity.

Most people misunderstood between the importance of having money and fulfillment in their career especially newbie that are just starting their career just because they want to supply and ease their burden.

Money does not create or gives you a life it will only advance your life. In another word, money is not here to let you live it’s here to let you live better. Money will buy you a bed but it doesn’t buy you a good night sleep. Having money will on be advancement never the priority in life. Money buy you a big nice bed but never a good night sleep.

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The answer is YES! Keep striving for wealth but bind it with fulfillment …

If creating wealth is like baking a cake then the most important ingredient should be fulfillment  like flour and money could only be nothing but a small amount of baking powder.
Money is one of the lowest motivations of all times, without fulfillment you have no life at all. You could say that I’m a hypocrite but look at the mirror of your life. You will still be poverty stricken if you are only left with money alone. You could be a millionaire or even a billionaire but without the  main ingredient you are still a mediocre. Ask any successful people and they gladly answer it for you.

Bring on the action today and move ahead…

If one of the greatest discovery of why men should move forward is discovered it should be the direction of their foot pointing. (HAHAHAXD… It’s funny but Its a profound truth)

Step 1

Plan something out of it.

Start and do something today?
And it doesn't you have to get your butt out immediately. Eventually no successful people did that because if you go out without a plan all you get is the same. Your tire will go flat and you stop at somewhere much worse than where you are today.

*Note: Actions comes with a Plan and a successful plan equals Money in all career.

'Take a piece of paper and pen instead no matter where you are or what time is it you're reading this article nothing really matters.

Ask yourself the magic question, If you would be doing the same thing for the next 30 years will it be the current job you're currently doing?
If the answer is no, then what will it be?(Write it down)

Contemplate, Di-sect and Analyse 20 career you could think of it instantly and choose the one that can really take your long face off.( means something that you feel like achieving and passionate about even its something that you have not do it before) And that my friend will be the career you desire.

If the answer is Yes then its time you make a plan and a series of monthly goals in order for you to peak perform.

Step 2

Timing Equals Money. If you want to make money timing is important.

*Note: Get a calendar any calendar and date it down. If its not on a calendar its not going to pay.

Write down when you wanted stop your current job and change. And remember the date is for you to stop your current job not for you to start the new career because it starts now(the real Timing).

Never ever delay your passion. Because it motivates you even higher everyday doing it even its only an hour touching the topic. Bind it with a goal (something that you wanted) so that you will know what to achieve instead of going back on chasing money on the circle again.

Step 3

Study your career. Looks for opportunity to study on the topic that are related to your career doesn't matter if you're just a normal sales person or a even an unknown writer. Read my blog its free or buy books on the topic. Hire a coach if you have to. Keep updating yourself. Be an expert in the industry.

*Note: Do not let you small business make you a small thinker.

Everything is possible in life just like Nick Vuijicic (my favorite...XD), even without hands and legs he still swims in the ocean and even on a surf board.  There is never limitation in our life except for only the ones we set for ourselves. But does he struggle through it? Yes of course so do us. In fact we should be more gratitude on what we have.

Step 4

Last piece, put it into Action. Apply what you learn or the ideas you have even if it doesn't work out well. Keep on doing it again and again. No one is perfect even an experts are students that are still imperfect and still practicing their art in their career. Remember that nothing pays if no action is taken,

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fight Poverty don’t Opt into it

Poverty is one of the biggest issues and also fear most people face today in our society. And most economists has concluded that poverty in today’s life is no longer the ones who have no food and shelter but had move to the mediocre who work a job and spent all their salary by the end of the money without any saving.

Almost like stumbling block for most people to block them from looking at the end of their career days. Poverty and fear are cousins both of them never existed in real facts but why have they taken so much credit in our career path?

How powerful is Poverty?

When you’re afraid of poverty you’re afraid of literally everything include trying new experience like eating healthy because you believe its going to cost you more (which actually don’t),you’re afraid of going out cost you’re worried of travelling fees (which leads you to depression), and you’ll start making history bills for excuse (which you starts to blame your spouse or your spouse things you shouldn't have spent on) and last of all you will went insane about everything that breaks the hearts of your love ones and lock down in your house alone scaring from depression.

What I want to tell you here is that fear and poverty are both nothing but bad management of our mind and its totally our choice to take charge and reclaim your agenda today and trust me whether you’re a politician, businessman or even a co-worker, poverty has and will always be in the way of success its whether you choose to embrace and chase it out of your life or keep letting it to haunt your life in the mystery dark path of your life.

Most people wouldn't even understand that the truth behind the story why they falls into poverty. Mostly because they are just too afraid of it that they don’t even dare to take the time to understands it. That allows poverty to take its advantage to hide in the shadow of fear and haunt the victim until they falls into the category. Misleading its victim towards wrong decisions instead chasing for their dreams and passion, poverty and fears stunts the act on of taking risk and play safe like a cowardly ostrich 

Many motivational speakers have proven the funny part of getting from poverty to riches is when they realize poverty is not the end of their life.

Take the example Anthony Robbins also known as Tony Robbins, one of the greatest motivational leader was told that when he was facing poverty in the rock bottom of his life bought a meal for a kid that dated his mother which the money he had and broke the chain with poverty from the act and sky rocket his career in his interview with Brendon Burchard for his new book MONEY: master the game.

All Tony did was just a touch and taste of poverty’s biggest fear…SPENDING UNSELFISHLY….
Of course you don’t need to go out and buy some kid and their mom with all your money like what Tony did.

You are always in responsible of your own life and everything you do in life is nothing but a reflection of your inner world. If you have a haunted inner world you shall live in a haunted world it is. If you’re in this situation of poverty all it takes is just a simple way to get out of it….
Face it like facing a fierce beast that wreaks your life face to face and fight it with your bare fist like a warrior that believes in their true strength….

Your actions are your fist, it determines how strong you hit the beast...

If you are a politician struggling go and ran the campaign that you fear of doing it for so long that haunts you even if you might got jailed just like Nelson Mandela. If you’re a worker that wants to starts your own business career life go and freaking starts a business today even you know you might fails and survive on cheap burritos. Or even you’re just a kid with an idea like Steve Jobs that has an idea that’s going to change the world when he starts Apple Inc.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 Habits that Wreak Your Day and or even your Life

Humans are animals of habits. It is only when we decide to rehabilitate ourselves towards success that’s going to bring us success. Never the lottery or the perfection of live that most ignorance believes and awaits.

Here are 5 habits that mislead most people into misery and poverty;

  • Focus too much on associating with common topic

If your dream is to become successful and extraordinary in your career, the number one thing you should stop right now is to disassociate yourself from common topics like the news, the traffic and political problems(except you’re a politician). Too much of these common topic may be easier for you to associate with the people around you which most people may say that’s what they need to talk about to get into the circle. Well they may be right, but all they’ll get into is a bunch of turkey circle where they “quable” the whole day and get a worm by the end of the day with other turkeys instead of hunting like an eagle and flourish on from their prey where they should be doing.

Practice a new way of communication where most successful people do. When most people stumble your ear political issues give your praise on what’s good instead even you need to pay tax but at least be happy that the currency is good. Even the news says the economy is bad but be glad that more people are looking for more business opportunity which is going to bring you more customer and partners in your business. Always remember that it is ours mind that is going to turn poverty into riches never the politics nor the economy of course they are all advantages we could leverage in the long run.

  • Poison or distracted by media

Ever wonder why is it so much information pop up of nowhere of your brain that is completely not related when every time you’re focusing on important projects? Well here’s why, your brain is poisoned by the media that you see each day. Just like Kentucky pop up when you’re trying so hard to lost weight. Our eyes and ears are two of the most important sense of all because whatever we see or hear the information will be stored in the brain for use of long term. Take an example If u watch TV for 2 hours a day and seen 4 times of Kentucky advertisement a day you end up having Kentucky every week or even day depends on how much you’re influence. Good in good out, garbage in garbage out.

That doesn't mean you have to lock yourself away from the media. I think you’ll probably go crazy if you’re asked to leave it for just a day. Here’s an advice, be “choosy”. The reason why many people are easily infected by the media is because they are no consciously creating their world instead they let others to do it just like the Kentucky advertisement. Always keep in mind that “when you let others to create your life it will always be the size of your footstep”. Decide today to choose what’s going to be in your world; is it Kentucky or success? Is it poverty or rich? Make more choices and sooner or later you’ll see that living is a choice.

  • Killer breakfast

Nothing wreaks your day easier than an unhealthy breakfast. It kills your brain cell it weakens your muscles and drives you insane. American or Malaysian or anything other country, there’s always bad breakfast. Bacon and cheese or Meaty and oily food or fast food or is it coconut rice with spicy chili or curry especially in Malaysia? If you want to be successful eat a healthy breakfast and take good care of yourself, yes now and if possible change your whole diet.

You are responsible for your life and the temple god blessed you.  Start your day and have a healthy bowl of salad instead or have some oatmeal or even eggs in the morning. Drink plenty of water instead of coffee and flush out all those toxic. If you really need caffeine make healthy from teas like green tea. Alkalize your body today and you’ll love your life for the next 30 to 50 years because of what you've decided to do today.

  • Unlimited Snooze

We all know how to set alarm and some people sets 10 or even 50 alarms but yet they will have 10 and 50 of snooze. How insane is that to wake up 10 and 50 times just to wake up and re-snooze the alarm clock or your smart phones. Its going to makes you more tired than any other workout.
Practice today to wake up immediately! Right after you are conscious with the first sound of the alarm. If you really can’t pull your butt off here’s a great way roll yourself off the bed. Force yourself if it has to be done to stop snooze the alarm or even keep hearing the alarm until you’re so frustrated that you decide to wake up.

  • Starting the day without a Warm Up

Most people are likely to endure those lazy ass and bones that are not awaken from last night’s rest. Take 30 minutes every morning to warm up yourself. Kick that lazy butt out of that chair and do some squat instead and pull those lazy bones to work. Do some Bur-pees or keep it easy just take a short walk around the house and get some sweat going before you took your bath every day. Be active to stay productive. You might even take it as an investment. Investment 30 minutes and you’ll get a whole day of endorphin that makes you happy and exciting.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fools are the new Brilliants

I am a Fool not that I’m insane but I just do not understand what is wrong to be a fool. Steve Jobs right after he was being successful he was invited back to the college he kicked out for a speech and he left the world one power sentence that would literally stunt everyone listening to it, if you we’re there and it was “Stay hunger and stay foolish” how humble for a well known brilliant to re-brand himself a fool.

Here are a few successful lesson that only fools will understand;

  • Thomas Edison is a fool too does that makes the world any smarter? For a person who fails 1000 times just to get a bulb to light up is a fool. Just like Steve Jobs that created Apple Inc from his garage. And Einstein doesn't even know how to talk until he was 4. But what most people didn't see or appreciate is this fool changes the entire world from darkness because of a foolish persistence. How good to be a fool.

  • Fools don’t doubt like smarty pants not because they are brave it’s just because they simply do not know how. If anyone would have reminded them enough times the risk they will retreat even faster but the reason they did not is because they were too busy fooling around they can’t hear a word that you say.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte one of the bravest and kind French military and political leader once said that “Impossible is only to be the dictionary of fools” and he was right. Just like Nick Vuijicic one of the most famous motivational speaker and author, if god made him smart in the first place he would just give up his life but for a fool nothing is impossible. Even a person without hands and legs like Nick Vuijicic would even live to swim yet happily married with a beautiful wife and child.

  • Fools bring more peace to the world. Just imagine a pair of foolish couple driving on the road. They were fooling around with the map and ended up driving on the wrong way or vice-versa. Would they even argue? Of course not because they are all fools that are fool enough to follow each other even if they found out right after they reach home and re-start the journey they’ll just laugh out it because they are just too foolish to get angry and upset they were just fooling around.

  • Last but not least, Fools are prone to be experts because they are so foolish to learn every skill at once they pick them one by one and learn it one by one that makes them an experts in each skills they learn. Yet they are too foolish to realize that they already learned them they still took time to improve they always surpasses all the fool proof brilliant. 

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Its Time for a Breakthrough

Its time for a breakthrough! First of all congratulation if you’re spending your time to read this blog which is going to accelerate your life for a breakthrough. A lot of people believe that in the economy these days we need a lot of money to make a change in our life or you've to look extraordinary.

Sadly they are right because what they believe what they'll get. But here's a good news for you, You can either decide to be like those crooked potato couch just sitting there and complain do something out of your life today that going to bring a breakthrough out of the old rut but first before you could decide what kind of life you deserve to be live I’m gonna tell you what I believe here;

1. God made us all beautiful, unique and magnificent.

2. As long you’re passionate to make a change in your life there’s always a way.

3. Believe in yourself that you could solve things out.

And these are the thinking’s that kept me alive and happy even in my toughest time of my life business or marriage and even parenthood (now).

Here are some things you could do today to bring your life forward even if you don’t have any money.
  •  Get connected
Thanks to the modern technology we have which is the Internet we are now able to connect with the world anytime of the day through social network and media and what I meant by that is not browsing all day on the internet liking pages and gossiping comments for the next 5-6 hours and woke up unconsciously and say “what did I just done?”…. HAHA.

Many did that I Know and it used to happen to me too so please be aware. So let’s get back to the main point. So I think since we can connect to the social media and networks like facebook and twitter take it as an opportunity to increase your circle and get updated.

Seek new friends and see what people are doing lately and what the latest trend is. And I’ve found that to be pretty useful especially when you don’t have any friends around you and it’s kind of weird for you to walk out to the street and pick on someone to talk with. (You’ll get what I mean)..

And the best part is it solved the “What If I don’t get well with people?” fear that most people has in speaking public. Just 1-2 hours a day. And if you want to get ahead more you can even go face cam with your friends of that circle (provided that you already know the person and has been chatting for some time).

So go ahead to and spends 1-2 hours a day to increase your social circle and get yourself updated before talking to the right person.

  •  Income source
Income source and why does it relate to your life?

Most people would argue that money doesn't buy you happiness. Well they’re right (50%), some time you do need money so sustain a breakthrough. But that’s not the point. The reason I didn't mention income or money instead of the word Income source is because I want you to understand that action is the things that going to give you joy money are just bonus throughout the journey for newbie’s who are trying to start their life as an adult especially.

Please don’t go and work a job just because you think and believe you’ll be much happier with the salary and time you spend on it instead of wandering around. That’s not true at all.

I remembered in my first job as a promoter in one of the local shoe store when I was 16-17 years old paid me for 1k bucks a month and It wasn’t really happier than the first business I involve in selling soap bar that only made 50 bucks…

And people used to think I’m not being logic but human are emotional animal. God made us feel our life not just to live by needs but wants at the same time.

A pay from a job is what I need but running a business is what I want. And I believe what will truly makes you success in life is by doing things that you want and love and yet turn it into a paying career.

That’s why you are responsible to determine what you want to do in your life this moment and make a career out of it even if it doesn’t pay well from the beginning.

  • . Exercise
BAM!! (My favorite). Exercise! The most easy and accessible thing you could do anytime of the day. And the best part is its Free. All you need to do is get that lazy butt off that sticky chair and start exercise.

Either is just doing 50 push-ups or going for a jog. Do something that’s brings sweat and awaken the muscles from last night’s rest. If you want a breakthrough you're going to need to feel that Heart beat and be alive at every moment of the day.

We all know that nothing beats depression and anxiety better than sweats and a whole bunch of heart beats but we’re just aren't doing it.

The benefits of exercise have been proven for centuries against anxiety and depression.

Exercise in the morning allows you to have better metabolism and blood flow which allow your body to have higher oxygen levels in each and every cell that going to makes you energetic and happy throughout the entire day.

Almost all successful people do their morning exercise as a daily routine. All it takes is just 30 minute a day to enjoy a great dose of endorphin serve from your brain to make you feel happy for the entire day.

  •  Have some time for yourself
Have some time for yourself today and adopt a new Hobby in your life that brings you forward. Do some yoga, meditate or read some books on your career.

Do something that increases your believe and self-worth.

Don’t spend time watching TV episodes, instead make it a substitute to go on youtube and look for something you could learn from yoga to workouts and even culinary like cooking and baking.

There has to be something you could learn from.( And the best part is its free…XD)

  •  Pen and paper your life
Last of all, one of the greatest thing I’ve practice in life is to write down what I wanted in life to be every day. For most people instead of writing down what had already happen into the diary, try and do it in a different way by deciding what you want your life to be of today. Always remember that if you let others to create your life it will always be the size of your feet.(don’t let that happen)

Decide today that you’re going to create your own life. Psychology has proven that when you write things down it allows your brain to physicalize words into something that’s tangible which allows you to create it into your world by 2000% which is 20 times more possible.

And here’s how you do it, woke up every morning after you had your breakfast and morning exercise where you feel all charged up before your work sit down with pen and a piece of paper

and write down who you want to be today. If u need to go to work and doesn’t have any time for that then do it at night after your dinner take an hour or two and just novel what tomorrow going to be like for you. It’s your life so stop hesitating today and start creating your life.

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How to have Exponential Growth in your Life

Hi guys today we’ll be talking about how to have exponential growth in life. And this is actually one of my favorite topic of all because I took this topic as my life agenda to be alive and fulfilled. And I know in this post most people are going to feel offended about it because it’s gonna be an insult for boredom, distraction and mediocrity. 

So here’s 5 areas of life that we need to focus on that’s going to bring exponential growth in life. So lets roll…

#1     Focus on your life’s work.
The first step to exponential growth in life is we need to focus on our life’s work. And its not necessary your job. But if your job is the one thing that you’ll be happy with it for the next 30 years then go ahead but if its not then maybe it’s time for you to focus on getting know what career would you like to do for the next 30 years even the rest of your life that’s going to bring you fulfillment. If you’re not sure then maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your life and ask yourself the magic question.”If I were to be in any career or job what would it be” and trust me in this century whatever you do can make an income. 

#2     Focus on your relationship with your family
Love is one of the most power force of all and we get most of them from the ones we loved and love us mostly our spouse and family.. How long since have you stop and took a gaze your spouse or even make a phone call to your old mom and pops? And how long have you not seen the curios smiles of your kids? After being a husband of a wonderful lady I've seen many divorces and boredom in marriage and even I myself was nearly involve. Why and how could it happen? Here’s a piece of coaching, the reason is very simple. Nobody was focusing on their relationship with their spouse and family. And worse part is they expect the other half to do it.
 If you can’t recall them maybe it’s time for you to think about that. As life goes many of us are too busy with our life and we forgot about the most important peoples in our life, our family.
That’s why decide today to make effort on building a relationship with your family. Takes even 15 min a week to make a call to your parents or even a few minute a day to text your wife trust me its gonna make a difference in your life.

#3     Focus on your life stream
My favorite of all time, our life stream. Maybe it sounds a bit psyche to you but it is the essence of our life according to yogic experts. A.K.A you can't have exponential growth without the energy to sustain in the long run. And I believe it is our responsibility to live the full out of our life. Think of all the great things would you could see with a healthier and longer life. Start on today decides to take good care of you and make a difference out of it. If your overweight lose some fat, if you’re dying then decide to live even you’ll only make it a day longer so that you could bring one more loving memory for your love ones.

#4     Focus on your believe
“What are your believes my friends?” Believe is our everyday shield and weapon against doubt without it we cant take our step upon the exponential growth every successful people crave for. One of the greatest question of all time when I was coaching with my sales team in my pass company. Have you ever thought of that? Do you believe in what your doing will bring you a bright future today. Life is short and most of us fall without believes or even blindly follows what falls upon us which leads us to infinity of doubt in our lives. If you cherish your life, decide today to work upon your believe on what you’re doing do not let doubt took away your opportunity in your life to do something great out of it..

#5     Focus on being Passionate
Last piece of advice, “what are your passions in life?” What are you passionate about? Research has shown that 80% of the people in the industry have little or no passion at all in their career and they did not learn or restudy their career after 1-2 years of the job. How long have you not been having those deep passionate desires that burns deeply in your heart and wakes you up every morning even without an alarm clock even you just slept 2 hours a day. I still remember when I was in sales I slept less than 2 hours a day but after I left the company I slept 10 hours a day but yet I was still tired and filled with anxiety(which sleeping doesn’t heal). The reason is simply without a passion to live by. Decide today to get back your passion in your career if this is ain’t the career you desire and passionate for then perhaps it’s time for you to change your career.

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"life is never easy if yours is you're not living it"..

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Busting off the Degree Holder Myths

Today’s topic in ServeYourCareer we will discuss about does a degree really matter in your future career? Well this may have been facts for the past century to have a degree before going into any career but It had become a myth in the 20th century since we can simply get any information from anywhere any time no matter where you are and learn whatever we needs to learn in any career that you ever dreamed of.

In this era we are living in a world where we no longer need to brings book instead with just a click on your smart devices we can reach numerous e-book and blogs like this on the web and even training and information videos on Youtube and Vimeo. Even attending classes and seminars by just sitting in front your computer without having all the trouble getting to drive or taking a public transport like always yet some are still doing it today.

Life has been so advance in this century is that we can actually become who we wanted to be no matter where we are or what’s our situation is just like any other successful people who started from zero to hero like bill gates and warren buffets or even easier since when they started in the past they don’t have any chances or opportunity like us to have excess to all these free and useful information. But why aren’t there as much people as successful and reach to the top of the success ladder as fast as or even faster than those already there.

Here are 5 reasons why:
1.       Comfortable shades of the past generation
Thanks to what our parents striving in past, life has been too comfortable for people today that they have completely lost human’s instinct to explore on life. That’s why we always finds Lawyers in a Lawyer’s family and Doctors in a Doctor’s family (funny thing about life most people believes it’s genetic..hahaxD). People forgets that in their gene there still exist other profession and literally all profession makes money in the new era even a blogger can makes 800k a month like Micheal Arrington and Pete Cashmore. Maybe you’ll think you’re just different but we all have one head, 2 arms and 2 legs and some had lesser like Nick Vuijicic one of the best motivation speakers. Why can’t we all share the same success? (Pause and Asked yourself)

2.       Thinking of education degree as main career Investment
Career choices we all heard from any average parents are either they sent their children for college or going for a decent average income job. Degree in every parent’s thought has an equation of high income whereas Dreams has always been an equation of waste of time. How sad it is our society has to turn down their child’s dream because of an advertisement on TV that says going to college for a promised future. “Quote me on this” (You’ll not sleep well thinking of this until you talk to your kids about their dream and I hope I’ve influenced you to do it).
*Note for parents; here’s the tricky part of our limiting believes…
Reverse your thoughts… If it’s for their career why you can’t believe in them and invested (the money you prepared for college education) in what they really desires to do in life?

3.       Wrong understanding of risk
Most people believes that for the money they invested in education firm will bring them a lifetime freedom or risk from being jobless so that after they had graduated they can get into a decent job but what they never realize is the changes of the new era where you could make money even without a degree. What worse could happen today is even if you have a degree you might not be as competitive as the other 100k new graduate every month or previous years that are still looking for jobs.  Could you simply imagine you would have built your own library if you’d use all those money for books of your industry instead of college?

4.       Cheated by education marketers
One thing you will only realize by now if you’re a lucky fresh graduate that had just get into a job is what you’ve spent time learning sleeplessly in college and all the assignment that you’ve done in order to have a better grade almost or literally 80% has nothing to do with your occupation especially in sales which is one of the easiest job available in the market today. If you recalculate your college fees today it will only worth 20% of the price you’re paying and most college would even ask architecture student to learn accounting subjects and culinary art students to learn business management studies in order to increase their fees (How realistic our world is).

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5.       You forgot to look into the future you
We’ll all have to admit that none of us was conscious enough to look into our long-term self dreaming who we wanted to be instead we kill our time in the college thinking of the hot girl or guys (that’s gonna leave you anyway) next class having all the fun and comfort instead of what we could have if we could just be more conscious of who we wanted to be and what we could achieve in the next 2-5 years of life. Let’s say it took you 2 years to sell toothbrush and now you’re a successful toothbrush salesmen that makes 10k a month driving a decent car wouldn’t it be better for you to be in college still walking and reading only marketing text books? ( Don’t forget your fees)
I could have simply spent a whole day talking with you more than 100 facts and reason about this topic because I was too a college student struggling with a little pocket money and sometimes none and have to work on a part time job until I’ve met and associated with one of the greatest sales guru in my country. And of course there are still many people who are living quite a life after they graduated but what I wanted to emphasize is you don’t to be a degree or master holder for your dream you’ll just need to chase it that’s all. (Yes that’s all)

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