Friday, 29 May 2015

Real Success

"Heart are made of flesh not stones nor gold or silver"

Consistent Achiever is not a myth and it only comes with inconsistent failure.

My fellow friends, if today you accidentally fell off the wagon of life, do not be afraid or worry about because these are all what we need to go through in order for us to become a consistent achiever.

Yes Life is short but do not forget to look back to the joys and precious hardship from the journey for it is these struggle that brought us a better life instead of a bitter life....

In the Journey to success most people fell into devil's trap card and chose wealth instead of what precious like our love one and the health that kept us alive...

They forgets the ones who are most important to them..

  • Parents who left their lad with someone unknown that not even care about...
  • Husbands that ignore their wives feeling that were set up to chase after cold wealth...
  • Couples who divorce because of financial issues 
  • Son and daughters who left their parents years with misses and bitter tears..

They make us forget our true nature of what success really means for...
Not the wealth that pleasure us but instead our ability and willingness to strive to serve others...

At the end of their day, it will be their so call success be given up when they are regret and return to their love ones but how many are still there?
Have we not seen enough tragedies that how devil repays us with these scenes?

  • Unforgiveness of child that parents never able to repay for their terrible childhood
  • Wives we that ran off and chased for true love..
  • Couples who still love each other but unable to be together for pride sake
  • Son and daughter who are too late to be filial for their old folks
Look at all these tears have they nor show you enough?

If we are no longer be able to serve them and the world  we all live in what value is still there in those so call success?

What value do we still have in these ability?
Perhaps this what lonely riches says,

"I am are so poor that I have nothing left but money."

Is this still a compliment to you now?

Perhaps it is time for us to recall what are the true meaning of success..

Not the ones that marketing guru missed use the "Law of Association and taught us" to leave our love one and strive out with a palm of cold sweats and wealth but instead a success that has meaning in it...

  • A success that allows us to pay for the warm support and care for the one who stands with us...
  • A success that we are thankful for the struggle we face..
  • A success that are shared with not controlled with power...
  • A success that allows us to serve the world we care...
  • A success that allows us to love once more...
  • A success that we are willing to work for free...
  • A success that brings us back all the Thank You's and I Love You's

"Because in Real Success its the "You's" that we care not "ME's""

I know you have a better way to express success and care because this how we are created ever since Adam was with Eve and Eve as a helper of Adam....

Last of all, perhaps some will still argue that this kind of success are Impossible but I say aren't humans are made to convert Impossible into Possibles...
"What your mind can Conceive and Believe it is Possible and Achievable..."

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Never Give Up

Never Ever Give Up Until you're Done!

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Main Game

Hey guys, today i just have a sudden feeling of writing a blog on helping people in being Honest to ourselves. Which I'm going to call it 'Main Game'. Hate to call life a game but most of the time you just have to play to win. So let the Main Game begin!

The Blame Game in Main Game

I've been hearing or maybe reading on issues about how different country has trouble with political issues these day. Political issues is like a ultimate virus that is stronger than porn. When we watch porn we are only lust but when we speaks about political issues these day, people seems to be torch with anger that has no reason to get angry at all. 

Some say how bad the government security is in India since the issue in Delhi, a girls get gang raped and also cases of girl raped by the police.

Some say how racist happens in America in the issues of white cop that shots an unarmed black kid who is already ready to surrender.

In Angola , how the illegal immigrant are torture in jail..

And in Malaysia, the all time favorite Prime Minister story..

Search on any of these issues and you can find literally hundreds of millions of news and articles and edited photos...

They criticize about it, they complain about how the government sucks money from the people and some even blaming the government for their failure..

Millions of views everyday...

Imagine billions of people are watching these every month but none of their hearts are touch instead, 

                   Hatred is spread. How sad is that?

Some will say, "Well Isaac you're just being hypocrite or You don't like your country". "You're being selfish cause you aren't affected by the economy."

The Main Game of Life

The truth is I Love my country so does everyone else in the world, and I care for the world more than my own stomach churns, TVs and my time with family..

That's what make me writes this blog post...

I realize that most people that hates politics but still care so much about it is because they wants to change the world they are in. 

People protest for the Indian raped girl aren't because they sympathetic feeling of the incident but the wish for better changes. 

People that brings out racist issues aren't just because a boy died its because they want a fair treat and mindset be spread in the free country or nation. 

And those who protest in Malaysia aren't because of the imprisonment of opposition leader neither, its all because they wish to see a change in the country. That's why Reformation is used as a slogan.

By now you can see, hatred has no power at all, instead deep inside of us there is something that we really care and love...

Politics is just part of it, not to mention relationship issues, sexual and health issues that are more dire these days. 

Everyone wants change in their life but no body is changing for the better instead because of hatred most of us are changed for the bitter..

Why grab all the pain we have instead of grabbing a hold on the success we really after?
"But Easy for you to say, Isaac my Life is Hard "..
Here's my response 
"Life is Hard! If yours is easy? You're not living it."
I believe that real peace only comes when are rest in peace.
That's how we are made anyway..haha..
Think of a mother giving birth to a baby, does the baby struggle to come out as well or is it asleep?
Yes, and after the struggle the baby still have to get spank by the doctor for crying out loud..hahaxD

Main Games requires a Mind Twist

Like all games when we fights with the Boss, it requires us twist our mind to get the soft spot of the Boss, try and think our of the box...

If you're blaming the tax that's sucks up your wallet or your spouse for overspending why don't you think of making more money instead?

If you're blaming your kids behavior for shaming you why aren't you aware of what have you been showing your kids instead? Are you the great example dad or mom that deserve a good behaving lad yet?

If you really desperate to change your world why do you even bother whats on TV or whats for dinner instead of what should you should feed your mind today for a better tomorrow?

Out of years of studying Human behavioral and coaching with different category of people I realize the people aren't really Ignorance they are just simply too smart that they forget to back to themselves to improve and that is the only difference between successful people and mediocre...

Mediocre believes that this is the best they can do, but successful people thinks they could simply do better after every action.

The Great Part in Main Game

The great part in Main Game is we always becomes better when we get real in this game. How we play it is very simple, all we need to do is to embrace change but change requires struggle, because it is the struggles that enable us to become better and be thankful for it.

Be thankful for the little crumble of bread that you still have when you're hungry for chicken that you can't yet afford..
Be thankful for the little money you still have even if its just a dollar...
Be thankful for the bad behavior that your child is expressing because this is when you realize something has to be improve in your parenting journey...
Be thankful for little support that you get even if its just a little as 1 because it motivates you to become even better... 
Be thankful for the light, air and clean water because it what kept us alive to strive for the better tomorrow...
Last of all, Be thankful for the people that leaves and ignores you in the journey because it is when they leave that allows us to met up with more and capable people...

In fact these are all the things that I've been through and still thankful for it...
You can have your list as well...

Second Essence in the Main Game

Changing is good but what the use of changing when you do not know what to change and why to change? Why should you change when you do not know where you're going? That's why change is required but dreams are essential!

Today after reading this blog and you realize you're passionate at doing something but you're not sure you'll make it or not go and do it. When I started to blog I know nothing at all from choosing a proper foundation to blog to scheduling my content it took me about 10 days but I'm still improving. And of course another 10 days to learn how to get my published article visible online. From nothing at all, I've now have 1000s of view...

Maybe not much but even if it touches 1 person a day i will never surrender to circumstances because I believe if I kept on writing and posting one day my message is going to go to the world...
And motivates millions of people to love instead of hate, strive instead of play safe, Live instead of Lie....

And if you're thinking of there's already a lot of people doing your dreams better than you my answer to you is there's never enough of them...

Surely, we need more Ziglar, more Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, the Great Mahatma Ghandi, Napolean Hill, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and many other great people you could think of...

Even if your dream is different but there's always vacant in the greatness for this world and surely we are not the greatest we can only be greater... 

Instead of waiting for the world to change I choose to create it because I knew even I do not do so some day someone will get the same revelation and do the same thing I'm passionate about the only difference is when the person did it and I've not did it he will have a wonderful world and all I'm going to get is a world that only fits my foot size that lives pay bills..

That's how I play my game with an essential dream. I simply follow my dream of believing that one day I change the world with educating people with motivating thoughts and positive ideas.

So what are you waiting for...
The game has started!
Go out there and make a better tomorrow!

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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hey guys, thanks for all ya support from my previous post i really appreciate it..
Today we are talking about forgiving..

In our way to success we are always met with people who eventually hurt us and some might even leaves us that leaves so much wounds in us that we sometimes lost our way in life..

Or it might ended up that we are the ones who's spreading the pain from all the unforgiveness we accumulated in our wounded heart...

So maybe it's time for us to learn how to Forgive others to help us strive forward with a better heart instead of a bitter one..So lets Roll!

Understanding Pain helps us in Forgiving.

Fierce or Suffering?

Look at the picture what did you see?
A fierce dog? Or is it suffering from a wounded heart? Tumble with fear deep within...
Wounded Dog Bite! So does a wounded Heart...
Many of us are like that...

Thanks to human revolution and changes in time we humans no longer lives in the jungle and chase by beast but does it really means we are safe from chaos?
Not really? And the real chaos has just started to invade human race....

The Chaotic World that Stops Us from Forgiving!

The Unforgiveness that roots within our heart from everyday wounds we collect in this chaotic world..
Filled with criticism, complains and worthless Justification...

What has happen to happy neighborhoods that was once crowded with laughter and kids running around now became nothing left but cold winds and door shuts not to prevent dust but fear of getting criticisms, complains and justification by others that wounds people into another attacking being?

Unforgiveness has become one of the greatest invader in our world today, and most destruction in our world could easily be lead to it...

Some will say, "come on I don't hate anybody, I have no unforgiveness at all in my life" but did you hurt anybody? Had you criticize anybody without heart? Had you justified in front of any crowd of people just for the sake of right and wrong? Had you complain on others because of your own selfish dissatisfaction?

Even if you do not hate other but have you not realize the inner psychology pain you left in others heart..
Instead of "Good morning" and "Hows you day?", you stumble into the office and complain about the traffic and criticize on your colleague's ugly tie..

You went on a sales call not taking any great about your product instead you try to simply prove how wrong others for buying from another company. And how right your saying is? Does it really matter to you or to your prospects?

Since when does humanity choose to turn themselves on others instead of the lavishing praise loving care that was once the basic foundation of our Human society?

Forgiving is a Choice...

Forgiving is a choice! Everybody knows that but how many of us really decides to do so?
Forgiving makes the world a beautiful place to live by..

Just imagine when your spouse tries to prove how right is he, 
forgive him for hurting your heart because you know deep inside she just wants the best for both of you..

When your kids annoys you when your trying to work,
Forgive them as they just simply lonely or misses you love.

When your colleague says your tie looks bad,
Accept it as a kind comment so that you know its time to have a look at yourself and improve.

When a salesman tries to make a hard sale on you,
forgive them as they needed the sales and money to keep their life run around as well...

When people say your a fool for starting something new,
Forgive them as they simply not dare to do it...

When your pet behave badly and pees around,
forgive him as he just needs your care and love...

Forgiving relieves pains of others and so does it diminished our guilt of spreading them...
Learn to forgive and I promise you will have a better tomorrow....

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Critical Success Factor

What are the factors that's going to determine your success in your career life?
Which we called it the Critical Success Factor!

Critical Success Factors that's gonna turns you on;

Factor #1 Faith

What we believes what we get?! Is believing alone really gonna help you in your career to achieve your dreams?The Answer is No! Saying "I Believe" is always no enough..
Today if you believe that you will fly in the air and jump off the cliff you will die..
What is Faith? Well faith is actually believe in action..
Go back to the scenario and put on a wing suit and you will survive and enjoy...
Faith is not the wing suits but instead is the action of putting on the wing suits and believing you can actually fly...

Factor #2 Passion!

Ahh..The sexiest essence of success is passion. Passion is like fire, it burns everyone it reach and ignites their inner heat towards their daily goal! In spite of all the perseverance and consistency we need. Passion is important because whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist we all need passion and most of the time its life is just too bumpy to get passionate all the time but guess what true passion will ignite even brighter after you go through adversity. Perseverance and consistency will make no difference in your life if what you do has no passion in it.  Don't worry about the dull and gloomy days, strive because you see a brighter day in front of it.

Factor #3 Novelty

Don't be afraid of novelty embrace it! Novelty is one of the greatest reward you get in the journey..
Most people eventually escape from it because they believe that novelty is actually distracting them along the way. They are right too much of good things is a bad things but as long as you know how to organize it its becomes a powerful tool that excites you up...
Take my blog for example, this blog maybe the 20th link your been looking online through facebook or google+...
I know that feeling because we all caught up by all the links most of the time and its our endorphin from experiencing new things that keep us going on links by link.
Decide today instead of clicking random link, schedule you category if today you wanted to learn topics on self-help then click only the ones that are related in this way you will still learn new things but you stop wasting time distracted by other things like yoga moms and many other blue links..
Continually upgrade yourself...
Stay Hunger Stay Foolish like Steve Jobs !

Factor #4 Mindset

Have a positive mindset. You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. Its proven scientifically and taught for centuries. Having a positive mindset is one of those topics that are easy to say but very hard to follow because there's millions and even trillions of thoughts flow through our mind every second of our life, The best way to do so is to actually slows them up.
How do you do it?
Simple! Focus on activity that allows you to be mindful and conscious. Go for yogic activity like yoga classes and meditate at least 12 minutes a day.
If that doesn't excites you then get on the floor and do as much push ups as you can until you hear that heart pounding experience that's gonna allow your brain to produce enough endorphin that's gonna heighten things up.

Bare In mind! Whatever you do today links you in the future!

Success is traceable, it leaves track so does Failure...

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The substitution Method in Success

Hey guys!
Lets talk about substitution today...
What would you do if a substitute came along?
This is very common when we are in the journey towards our ideal or craving dreams...
To be honest many of us did accept it including me...
Is substitution really a bad thing?
The answer is Not necessarily..
Substitution is not necessary a bad thing when you decide to have it with the original idea...

What people taught about substitution? 

Throughout decades many leaders in the market taught people that to be loyal to their dreams and will only accept what they dreamed of..
And on the other side of the way too people are teaching the opposite which is to accept great substitute along the way as well..
People these days are simply stunned and doubt at what they want to achieve when they are faced with other opportunity along the way of achieving their dreams..

Well, here's a way to solve your doubt...
Use the 50 / 10 question...
In Malaysia we have a  very powerful joke that nobody knows it could solve psychology doubt..

Here's the Story

Lets say you are on the road walking by the street all of the suddenly 2 notes appear out of no where lying on the ground a 10$ note and 50$ note...
The 10$ note says pick me so that you wont felt so much guilt taking other people's lost..
The 50$ note says pick me and your bills is solve this month..

After you contemplate for an hour you say alright I'll take the 10$ note but right when you're about to pick it up a Malaysian walk by and pick both of them up and say well they didn't say you can't pick both up didn't they?
Now the guy not only lost 10$ nor 50$ he lost 60...hahaxD

The Moral of the Story

Do not doubt when opportunity knocks on you pick them all up...
That's why salesperson lost their sales when a customer tries to buy a 10$ product and you keep telling them to get the 100$ one. And they made none. Make the 10$ sale first then sell them the 100$ one.

Then what happens is you get 110$ sales today, What lost do you have to lost when you're job is to promote both anyway?

That's why fast food restaurant today came out with a A la Carte and a set meal...
When the customers tried an A la carte burger they will sure get themselves a set meal with fries and drink...

What if it Happens on You?

It's easy to say scenario of others but what if its your turn?
The tricky part of truth in life is there's always you're turn..
What if it happens on you?

Well the theory works both ways, HAVE BOTH..!
What if today you're craving for Kentucky fried chicken?
Should you went for fried chicken in another stall.

Yes!! why?!

Because when you went for the stall first you pay less if the chicken is good you won't go to the Kentucky but if you go straight for the Kentucky you'll regret that you spent more instead of something that tastes better and saves you money..

Does it mean you're don't need to go Kentucky? No you'll still have both because in your mind if you didn't taste both you'll never satisfied and believes the cheaper ones are actually better the value.

"Enough of setting all the limiting believes on yourself and  go on an adventure by giving a try on all the substitution  you receive along the way..."

What Am I trying to tell you?

Novelty! Novelty! and Novelty!
We survive on novelty much more compare to our demand...
Getting what we want is never enough compared to exploring what we want in Life!
Accepting substitution along the way until you reach your true goal is a great way to inspire novelty in your Life..
It is always important for us to have novelty. Without novelty life is boring and we will never have a breakthrough in our life. Have novelty and schedule it. Why?

Novelty is great because it excites us when we are trying to discover new things in our life. It allows the brain to produce endorphin to give us the excitement to endure the journey. But what challenge us is whether do we have the ability to schedule novelty?

And you probably know by now this blog you're reading could be the 10th or even 20th browser you open for the last 1 hour. Be conscious when you're exploring if its fried chicken stick to the category otherwise you end up overeating and spoil your diet. If its motivation and self-help you want to learn stick to the category that you want to learn today don't go for others.

That's all for today..

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Business Motivation

Lets talk about business motivation. One of the greatest doubt of all new sales person is always knowing whether the things they do now is taking them any where in their future. Which mean how do you get yourself psychologically ready to make your first sales? But why do they even doubt in the first place? Here's why they are lack of business motivation.

Many believe that to be a sales magnet they have all the money they needed to attract make customers believe how successful their business is and how worthy their products are which most of us know that is not true at all. The truth is they are just are motivated to move their butt and start achieving their goal.

Successful business motivation helps the sales person not only achieve goal better but align their sales career. They no longer only woke up with coffee to help them stay awake and chat with associate anymore like turkey. They go out and make sales.

Before I turn you into a sales magnet let me give you some business motivation you need to make your first sales and how to get you into the burning and desirable mode you need in order to be like one…

TIP #1

Look motivated

To be motivated first you have to look motivated. Nothing is more motivating than a great smile with your prospect in your sales conversation. Other than that, dressing is one of the most difficult yet confusing question to ask most of the time especially when we’re In the new era where everyone are going in for smart casuals.

Go and get a decent hair cut will also improve your first impression while meeting your prospect.(You wouldn’t want your hair to flying around while you’re talking to your prospect don’t you..hahaXD and too you don't need to have rainbow color hair to look motivated...hahaxD)

TIP #2

Dose up Your Product

Most companies today are offering free products for their staff to enhance business motivation. How confident are you with the product you’re selling? Greatest tip of selling your product in the market is to tell your own personal testimony. Tell them the little of how your product has done in your life.
Nothing is more motivating when you realize your products really works.

If you’re selling insurance, tell them what the plan serves you and your family. Same goes to beauty product show them your picture before and after your product (Even better if you could film yourself using it or with a customer as a demo video).

If you want to get your sales path in rocket speed kept in mind;
"Use and tell" is always more effective than "buy and sell".
It’s always important to “use and tell” before you sell anything to anybody. Here’s a piece of coaching; people doesn’t follow what you say they follow what you do. That why people who invested 100k always get people that are willing to pay 100k for their project.

TIP #3

Motivational affirmation

One of the most psyche part of life that god has created which are also proven by the bible is our word could actually creates our life. What we say today is what we will get anytime. So it’s important as a sales person to have a list of motivational affirmation on what you want to achieve and become in your sales career.

Here’s some example you could try that are used by myself;

· I Like Myself (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m Attractive (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m Influential (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m the best (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I am Responsible ( when face any situation or challenge repeat this)


Give yourself a chance to challenge your own limiting believe by doing these every morning, noon and night before you sleep for the next 7 days and I guarantee your income will show you how it works.

To get Inspired                Inspirational Thoughts !
Please Read Both:               Inspirational Success !

Tip #4

Updating your skill give you more Business Motivation

Lack of understanding in our expertise demotivates and even further when we try to do something that we do not understands at all. This is one thing that has proven in any field of any expert. As a successful sales person it is our responsibility to continuously improve and update our skill and ability in order to produce more sales yet becoming more attractive in front of our prospect and sales team if you’re climbing for a higher level.

Its proven by the 20/80 rule that 20% that makes all the money that 80% of the sales person can make reads 1 book a week and at least 4 books a month which equal to at least 48 books a years. Think of how much experience you could get if you would just spends 1-2 hours a day to read a book about your career.


Here’s some suggestion you could read as a newbie sales person that are easy to implement and lesser time to understand and read still they are all could be practice in to your sales life instantly…
Please get them now, I've put the link to close your back door back to poverty! Just click on the image and it will lead you there...

· Psychology of selling by Brian Tracy

· Art of Closing the sales by Brian Tracy

· The Winning Attitude by John C Maxwell

· The Secret of Millionaire Mind by T.Harv.Eker

· You Can Reach the Top by Zig Ziglar

· Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

There’s plenty more but I’ll most recommend those that are not so advanced here..

TIP #5

Momentum builds more Business Motivation

Last piece of advice, one of the greatest mistake for all salesperson is to start making call after they arrive at the office, meeting and even coffee. This are what the bottom 80% of sales person do in that makes literally no money yet ends their day talking about the traffic. 
To be the top 20%, its always wise to arrange your sales call in the morning right after u leave your home and don’t give up until have done with at least 5 calls of your list. For new sales person without a list go ahead and create one in the market with strangers. (More enjoyable experience compare to calling a list)

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Inspirational thoughts

Inspirational thoughts is one great way to enhance our life further. Since what happens in present is a reflection of our inner world. Inspirational thoughts plays a powerful role in our journey to success.
Months ago in my journey to success i am always trouble with why most people cannot seems to arrange their thought and behavior in order for them to succeed.

Then i got a powerful revelation that hit on my mind.
In order for us to inspire others we need to inspires ourselves first.All it takes is just inspirational thoughts....

Here a Story on Inspirational thoughts

In our everyday life, when we are hit down by the circumstances in our life, did we actually gaze at what have it taught us in life.

I believe most details and circumstances are here send by our god as a blessing and a teacher to teach us something. And beauty always comes out when we paused and gazed in it. Just like lifting weights, have you all ever paused and gazed to the weight you carry and discover the smaller weight actually has a bigger than the bigger weight. I did.

One day after my training at the living room as I lay sitting on the ground completely exhausted, sweating so I paused and gazed at the weight and I discovered why does the smaller weight has a bigger hole when they are actually on the same bar. 

So I quickly measure it and a powerful revelation hit on me and all of the sudden the way I viewed every challenges I face upon my life changed. In Our life, everyone has problems in their life rich or poor, good or bad, positive or negative which is represented by the hole of the weight.

Negative people (mentally poor) are like the smaller weight. Their thoughts are always demotivating. They always believes that their hole is bigger so instead of focusing on the weight the focus on the hole. 

They believe their spouse is a problem when they actually they are viewing their spouse as a problem then it goes to their parents, kids, neighbourhood, and even their pet. Until pain hit their muscle they decide to carry a smaller weight and as their muscle goes weaker in the end they can't even carry their self ended up descending in the darkness of life.

Here's how Inspirational thoughts Rocks

On the other hand, positive people (mentally rich) focuses on the bigger weight not because they are a 100x smarter or stronger at the beginning but discovered the hole of all the weight are never different yet they are all the same. 

And that my friend is inspiring. Inspires yourself to go for higher level instead of playing safe is part of inspirational thoughts. So they focus on carrying the heavier weight. Inspirational thoughts allows you to strives and take charged of their life instead of make blah blame and little excuses. They believe that bigger weight better muscles.

Pain can also hit you too but joy from the inspiration you had overcomes it when they saw the joyous expression from their spouse they carry, their kids, parents, and neighborhood. And now you're even inspiring others. Sooner or later you will have the ability to take fully charge and engaged into the world they dreamed of. 

If we can decide to simply paused and gazed at the challenges of our life and see our self as the ones carrying the heavier weight instead a bigger hole we can easily go through every circumstances in our lives and live a freer and more fulfilled life. This is what inspirational thoughts gets you. It Inspires you and it inspire everyone around you. Change your thoughts change your world.

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Inspirational Success

Hey guys, hope you enjoy my past blog post, and today I'm going to share about something that are only learn out of experience. Lets talk about Inspirational success. The reason why most Top leaders reads books and listen audio tapes is that we are trying absorb the experience we learned along the way and inspires other by applying it in our daily life and teach it to others. There's too little time for us to test everything. And every book you could absorb at least 20 years of experience all it take is only a week or two for you to digest it.

Inspirational success is the journey of gaining success by inspiring success. Inspirational success is a long way to learn but I tried to extract the best out of it so that you wouldn't fall asleep listening to long bored stories. In fact if you're a leader in the market inspirational success could not simply be written or describe in term because experience is alive like a story. It brings images to your brain and it works most of the time because if its an experience you're not a genie pig any more like most terms that you read on books and required time to test it.

Inspirational Success makes your Journey Exciting

How does inspirational success makes your journey exciting? Inspiring Success is one of the greatest way to take a leap in your journey to success..

Every single leader in the industry believe that they are never too great to stand alone and outsmart everyone.

Great leaders always finds a way to do things different than mediocre that criticizes others success. They go the opposite way and that is to inspire others to join their journey.
Instead of getting to success alone they bring others with them.

They make the journey exciting. That's why they love to inspire others to success.
success is not to gain its what you become when striving for it..
When you allow yourself to inspire others to success you attract success. 

Nobody wants to Lead in Reality they Learn to Lead

When I first started my first business, I was good at selling things but one side-effect about selling things alone is that you get a lot of sales at the first few months and eventually you'll realize you'll run out of sales because every single one of us has limited contacts.

That's why most people went on recruiting after a while. And as a newbie i didn't realize that sales and recruitment can be related together one of the reason is because I've phobia when i wanted to ask others to join me because I do not know how to lead a person and 2nd point is we all afraid to take the responsibility to lead others. So I went and study on leadership programs and books and audio tapes.

From my experience ask any average sales person or look at their approach most of them will only ask the person to buy not much will ask the customer to join the company. The reason is very simple, 
"Leadership requires Responsibility to yourself and the person you're leading."

Leaders Inspire Others to Join with Action not their Lips 

Then I started to recruit and i realize that recruiting is actually very easy since you are already a professional in what you are selling, People found it impressive when you show them how to sell things to their contacts and make money without they even trying to influence others. Sooner and later again I got into another trouble.

Surprisingly, it only take showing what you're good at to inspire others. It turns out that recruiting is actually more easier and fun than selling because I realize that most people who did buy anything from you actually are more willing spend their time following you than just having the product you influence them to buy.

People Business Never Dries Up

Yes of course i had sales but the problem is everyone is waiting for me to help them to sell their products in hand that I actually started to lost sales. So I made a decision that changed my sales career forever. When i was at the next appointment with one of my guy I told him that I was going to be late and I ask him to do the presentation first and the guy was actually panic so I told him the procedure and he actually did the presentation as how i did it.

Cut the story short when I arrive all I need to do is just collect the amount of money i needed and gave the commission to the person. Out of my amaze, teaching and letting person to do sales not only allows them to grow better yet you inspire to try and become better.

That discoveries boom my business. Then I went on doing the same thing again and again as soon as I realize they don't need me to be around any more. And all I need to do simply run a function program once a week to gather all the leaders and keep them update.

The Magic of Inspirational Success

The magic about Inspiring success is it allows yourself to learn more sporadically...
Great leaders learn never because of the wealth goal they wanted to achieve and that why most of them were broke at the beginning.

In the journey I learned from other great leaders too. I read their books and listen to audio tapes. The wonderful part of learning is that it allow you to inspire you leaders even more when you teaches them skills and ideas that you newly learn. Not only your market value increases so as theirs. That s why company will spent a lot of money for CEOs and market directors. Inspiration makes sales sky rocket.

Inspirational success comes from Learning 

You can't inspire anyone if you stop learning to inspire. Inspiring leaders learn because they are passionate about inspiring others to succeed from what they learn. They never spend their time on the couch with a pack of potato chip in front of the TV. For many of you that realize why won't people follow you is actually because you didn't spend your time learning new things that inspire others.

Most leaders falls in the category of false leading by hyping things up and boasting. They tried to inspire others by telling false truth about how great they are but when they are in action things just didn't turn out as it should be. This is a bad habit in the journey because when the experience you share is not practical or realistic people will blame you and hurt them as well because it takes a lot of trust to allow the person follow a leader.

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Success Diary

Success diary?!

If you reading this post right now you might of been wondering whats so important of recording your success with a diary?
Well to me it doesn't really matter if you are recording your success or not..
Or even thinking of an expensive leather or hardcover diary book?
Neh..not really...One important thing we all need to about our inventory in business is we just need ti to work. Function is the most important part not the book.
Save up the money for something better all you need is just a simple book even an exercise book works well as long as its made of paper and you could write on it...
Success diary plays a different role in our journey to success...
Success diary is actually a place for us to practice journalism.
I know I've emphasize a lot about journalism. Pen and paper down our thoughts and idea.
Most people would simply argue that we had smart phones right?

Sometimes we do Need some Old Fashions...

Facts shows that typing on smart phones do not work at all unless you could print it instantly. Pen and paper is not only a term but its something that is tangible but on your smartphone its not tangible, your phone is not the text, please don't get me wrong. Almost all successful people today still uses pen and paper. If digital really work presidents and global organizations will all be using their smart device to sign contract all around the world.The concept of pen and paper down things is actually to allow our brain to turn our thoughts and ideas into physical items. Something that is not real, which is our thought into our world which is real. Something we can touch and feel. And this allows our mind to create it and believe its since its real. You can touch it!

It Reminds Us of Whats Right!

Other than to bring your thoughts and idea to real. A success diary is also a place for us to implement good habits into out life. Lets take sales for example. How many of us actually remember what did we said that accidentally cause a prospect to bought thousand dollar on your product. The answer is few. Most are not even conscious because it is our subconscious mind that's in action when we're doing it. And as long as we keep doing it, its going to turn into a good habit that's going to save your life forever! That's why we need a success diary to record them down immediate. How handy you can see a success diary is now.

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It Allows us to Teach!

I was lucky I was taught to pen and paper down everything i learn otherwise i will never be able to improve nor taught anybody about personal development. Writing on a piece of paper is like writing on your mind. To be honest not all of us are Einstein but even Einstein records all his blueprint and draws it all out. Thank to pen and paper we are now able to learn Einstein physics,

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It Triggers the Subconscious Mind to work!

It not only improve your memory, it allows you to lock your thoughts and ideas deep in your subconscious mind  process it for further action. That's why most people will rather write down a list of what they need to do the next day before bed and really achieve it because it allows our subconscious mind to process and bring on the action. If you still finds it hard to believe do it yourself and google it and you'll fund literally thousands and millions of people proving it.

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Makes things Simple and Easy!

Last of all, It makes everything especially important notes and scenes easier and much more accessible.If you're using pen and paper by now you must have realize that most thing you record are either lost or all mixed up. But a diary is always binds up. You could always use your color note on it to organize or even if you didn't do so, its always easier for you to find your ideas or review your success compared to a box of messy papers.

So what are you waiting for...?!
Get your success diary book now and practice journalism and record your success!!


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Friday, 8 May 2015

Delayed Gratification

Hey guys, we're on a big topic today. This is going to change your life forever. How about that as a promise...=)

Today we're talking about delaying gratification. Most people heard the term but how many of us have really understand it deeply...

Let me share a story before we start the journey....

What happens when delayed Gratification goes wrong!

A 500 pound lady that tries to loss weight, went for a jog in the park. She jog and she jog until she sweats her shirts and her pants. 

Went home and tell her bacon and cheese, she ain't having it today. In her lunch time she had veges instead of meat and dinner she ate a little oatmeal and some bread. 

And as soon as she finished her routine she says, its time for reward, she talks to her ice-cream how tough her journey today and writes her diary with a bag of potato chips on her couch in front of her TV.  

Here's a brief understanding on Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification A.K.A Deferred or Postpone Gratification.
Our Ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward.
Delayed gratification is art that all successful leader don't really talk about these days anymore,

I'm not sure about why is this topic not really emphasize but when i go to the book store to get a book of the topic they found me a book on delayed ejaculation?..hahaxD
That's why I've decided to teach it here.

I believes the reason why delayed gratification has not been emphasize in these days is because people find strategy learning to success more important that psychology needed to success but kept in mind that strategies may advance your career but it is always our psychology that gonna bring us through the journey. 

Lets skip all the chatting here and let me introduce you to 5 simple ideas to help you master the Art of Delayed Gratification now

Here's 5 ideas to help you Master Delayed Gratification;

It Requires a Long-term Goal.

Guess what they 500 pounds lady ended up. She'll kept repeating the same rut until she learns the lesson and sees whats wrong or worst she may never get out of the rut. 

In our journey to success, mastering this art allows us to take a leap instead of climbing the stair like most people that struggles. When we have a long-term goal we are more conscious of what are the desserts and which are the main course in the journey.

Doesn't Mean "HARD" all the time.

Seeing everything as a difficulty is only bad management of our mind. How hard is it to eat healthy when a bowl oatmeal cost you less than bacon and cheese. Easier to prepare and cleans up excessive waste in our body. 

The fact is we all didn't see that "It feels harder right after we receive our immediate reward". Ask anyone on the journey, and even yourself how many times have you not feel guilty after you accept the little reward and given on all your major goals.

 How many prayers do we have to submit from feeling tempted by devils trap in through out the journey. It all leads to whether have we practice the art of Delayed Gratification.

Don't Get Overwhelmed  ! 

STRESSED = DESSERTS, never lets it catch ya. Most people give up when things getting to all stressed up. When the result comes slow or the missed a series of episode of this and that on TV or hit down by a rejection. Save up appetite for the main course. 

Kept in mind that, God designed it to be like this so that we are prepared for the great things he sets in for us. Just like the lottery winners always lost all the money.

Everyone gets overwhelmed when they starts up the journey don't be surprise. Learn how to manage it instead. Don't be like the lady with the ice-cream. Be like the lady that you dreamed of.

Make Everything Simple

I'm not telling you to do simply do it. The best way to master the art of delayed gratification is to achieve your dreams task by task, Just like your on your road 600 KM to reach.

How are you going to arrange it? You stops every 100-200 KM. Don't take it at once, You will die. Even if you made it your car will die. HAHA..XD..funny but no joke... 

Most mediocre do the same thing so that they looked productive actually they are not. They try to learn and do everything at the same time and they end achieve nothing at all. Successful people only do very few task yet they manage to master everything in their journey.

Expect Much More Than What You Pay

Delayed Gratification also means expect much more than what you pay. Do not let yourself to fall for the little goodies until you receive what you deserve for in the journey. 

Ask yourself how many times have you regrets after you realize why you didn't strive hard in the past when you should have. Successful people are very good at seeing what their effort pays when mediocre will just settle when they get a hold or even lesser on the effort they pay. 

This is depressing because if you worth a million and settle down for 500 K you'll ended up losing the 500 K you deserve. And the worst part they falls into the pit of comfort zone and did not re-bounce until they spent every single penny.

To END the story here, delayed gratification is an art that every successful entrepreneur ..
Take it as a challenge to master it today..

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Anxiety Management in the Journey of Success

Hey, guys hope you enjoy my last post. It has just break a new view record of mine...
Today I'm going to share on a topic that's more exciting.

Something that makes your butt heavy and sticky in the morning. The worries that we felt when we don't receive or pay check.

The nervous that haunts us down before facing our client and Uneasiness we had for not being able to achieve our goals. Anxiety! (HAHA..May sound Awkward but that's the truth.)

What is Anxiety?

Most people thinks or believes that anxiety is nothing but feeling tired but its actually not. Feeling tired is only what you get from anxiety. Anxiety is actually the feeling of uneasiness, worry and nervous of not being able to reach their goals yet.

Why do we need to manage our Anxiety?

One of the greatest threat in the journey to extraordinary is when we do not have enough energy to sustain your journey. In our journey to success no matter you are or what career you're in we all need energy in order for us to become enthusiastic and excited most of the time.

High level of energy not only allows us to sustain ourselves to explore in the unknown regions of our career it allows us to influence others to work with us through out the journey as well.

Destruction of Anxiety

Too bad that, a lot people happens to quit when they are hit by anxiety. Realize they can't pull strength to sustain their dreams leaving the game with buried regrets.

Imagine how many great dreams pop off like light bulbs every single second everyday day on earth just because people fail to pull up their strength to succeed in their journey.

How many great people that could make this world a better place to live by have we lose just because of anxiety. Great dreams just seems to be starting on an extinction. Someone must have an idea better than the iPhone we use these day. The car we drive.Or we might even move to another planet earlier.

How-to Manage our Anxiety

Image Source
  1. Have a Long-term goal

    While having a short-term goal will only give us more unease when we are not able to reach on time. Have a long-term goal that allows us to have the time we want to prepare ourselves for it. Kept in mind that it is not what we receive from achieving the goal but we become from achieving the goal.
  2. Change the Quality of your food
    People these day have terrible quality of life. They woke up with a rush and feed themselves all the oily food and even fast food that are filled with chemical and cancerous substance. If you want to be successful change the quality of your life! Keep yourself away from all the harmful substances that destroys your organs. Eat organic.
  3. Join a Healthy circle
    Nothing gives you more anxiety that listening to all those complains and worries from those mediocre. Change your circle today, look for people who encourage you to succeed instead of telling you to play safe.
  4. List of Gratitude

    Number one powerful tool of successful people. Show gratitude! Nothing gives you more energy than expressing your gratitude on  things that happens in your life. Good or bad, it doesn't matter at all. If all things we're good what are there for us to learn. Have a list that you are thankful of.
  5. Meditation

    Yogic activity is one of the greatest way to clear up your mind today! Put yourself in a peaceful state for at least 12-20 minutes a day. Meditation allow your brain to control your thoughts and impulses which allow more ideas to flow into your mind. Go for yoga classes or you might even learn it from YouTube these days thank to the internet.
  6. Exercise

    My favorite of all time! Exercise! Make it the first thing to do right after you open your eyes in the morning. What I actually do is do 50 push ups ,jumping jacks, sit ups and squats right after i get up from bed. The heartbeat always gives me an instant smile in the morning instead of the zombie look most people has these days in the office.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

8 Extraordinary things that Happened to Extraordinary People

Hey guys, today we'll be discussing on extraordinary things that most ordinary people met in their journey to become extraordinary and I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. For most of us would believe or even asked that why'd these things has to happen in your life here's the answer and welcome to the journey of Extraordinary.

The 8 extraordinary things;
  • They'all got Broke Hard Time
    Literally all successful people started with literally no money at all and went broke to chase their dreams.  In Robert Kiyosaki's Book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, the number one lesson that Rich dad teaches was "work for free".

    Just like Steve Jobs was only a kid in his pair of jean working in his garage and build a humongous tech empire called And in his biography he claimed that he never worked for money.

    If you're working for money you'll ending up chasing it like the song you heard when you was a child, round and round like "Ring around the Rosie, and get nothing but a pocket full of posies".

  • Got themselves kick off from the circle
    People left them not because they are crazy or insane or they are too proud to hangout but because the old friend circle are no longer suitable for them.

    In our journey to success always be ready to get lonely because we can't stick with the mediocre forever. They pull us down and criticize on your ideas. Success are really a myth to them.

    That's why most successful people ended up removing themselves from the old circle of friends(most of them are just left by their friends) and ended with a circle of successful people who are relevant to their thoughts and ideas of life.

  • They creates a philosophy that supports their believes
    For most mediocre, they literally didn't know what are their life's agenda are not to say to figure their own philosophy. It happens when they are ready to leave their life as mediocre and starts working on their success. Hit hard by failure jaws then they realize what works for them in life.

    Brian Tracy: When he was a laborer, wandering job to job thinking of how to be like those successful and rich people that has been a myth to him suddenly realize that nobody is responsible for his life except himself.

    Then he decide to take charge for his life and start with the positive affirmation that says to himself everyday "I am Responsible" that literally works for everyone to improve their self-esteem. And the program is still studied by thousands of sales person in the industry.

  • They Idolize and Admire Somebody
    If you want to be successful you have to idolize somebody. Admire somebody that's better than you in your industry or life so that you could put your heart to learn from them.

    Nick Vuijicic Idolize god for his love. Because of his love upon god he learns to love everyone on earth and see through all the imperfection in others daily life and becomes teaches people how to be unstoppable with the love of god.

    Brian Tracy todays super sales guru. When he just started out sales, he performed poorly and soon  he learn to admire people and the first person was one of the sales super star in his company when he first started sales. He learn from him and his sales career boom ever since.

  • They started to study on their topic
    Successful people all understand and realize that what they had right now are always not enough for them to success or take them far enough towards their dreams. That's why they study hard on their topics from books, tapes and audio programs.They kept themselves upgraded all the time.

    One great example was; Brendon Burchard , He listens to Tony Robbins Audio Tapes every single day when he started his career as a motivational speaker. Reads one book a week, which equals to 54 books a year for 7 years non-stop and today he is one of New York Times best selling author for all of his books and people pay tens of thousands of dollar just to get advice from this motivation expert.

  • They went insane with only a burning desire
    One of Les Browns favorite quote of all times. "You Gotta be Hungry!"
    All successful people started up with only nothing but a deep desire to be successful. They can be broke financially but mentally they have what it got for the journey and they are Hungry!!

    As for the mediocre they usually quit when they have empty stomach or no time for TV. (HAHAXD....No Joke! Testify and interview it yourself).

  • They all have the same response to Failure
    "There has to be a way" Successful people some how has developed a deep faith in believing that there has to be a way to solve things out. And its quite true.

    Take thousands of human history and there has to be somebody that succeed in chaos, wars, political issues, losing their spouse or love ones, hungry stomach and even without TVs. It is our actions to choose and stand upon circumstances that makes us mature.

  • Everybody stops complaining
    One thing I love the most when having dinner with successful people is they stop complaining instead they express gratitude for all the adversity that happens in their life. Gratitude is one of the most powerful weapon for extraordinary people.

    "It is when We let go of our Pride and Learn to Appreciate the Adversities in our life, We learned Lessons that brings wealth to us."

    Be thankful for all the failure you may encounter today. Even you may not have any money at all this moment but still be thankful of the life you have, the heartbeat, fresh air and sun shine.
That's all for today, see you at the Top!
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