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Money is Only an Advancement Never the Priority in Success nor Wealth

Money is only an advancement. Most people today started a career simply because they want to make some money or a decent income. The fact is, they will really make an income if their true purpose was money because in order to success in any career, money will always be an advancement never the main ingredient to success.

If you are watching this article right now you might have even realize we all had money most of the time but never really a lot to spend on what we want. Instead we spent most of it on what we need which is quite depressing because our brain is design to help us get what we want not what we need. What we want motivates us but only getting what we need depressed us.For example we need a full stomach but what we really wanted are the pleasure of enjoying good quality food that makes us healthy. 

Since money was invented in human history most people tried to chase wealth throughout their life but has not had been so much of a struggle until this century. Thanks to the tightening economy we have today and also the brilliant marketers, almost everything we use includes the light in our house and water we drink come as bills which equal money and taxes which equals more money are even apply in some countries. Water no longer from wells and food are no longer exchange but bought with money. Just like chickens that are already frozen and appeared box up.

Everything is packaged by the marketers to make money include food instead of focusing on what it really meant for.(Nutrition and warm)  Water, food and shelter are no longer a motivation but a burden to most people especially the parents that have just formed their family. If you are not yet conscious about it take out your calculate and calculate all your expenses add up each month and divide it in to week and days and hours and seconds and soon you will be so fed up that you finally realize money is even spent when your sleep. 

People are too tired with making money and chasing wealth that they quit and stick with poverty. A place called 'Someday Isle' when they can decide to make a breakthrough in life someday or never. Then they end up with a job and spending everything with still no leftover at the end of the month. Their lives are with no passion or fulfillment becoming zombies with an average routine every day. And they still believe someday they will have enough money to get off  'Someday Isle' and do something someday in life. And guess what? 80% of them never really make it happen.

Until this point you must be wondering whether you should keep striving on your way to wealth?

Why had this happened to people these days?  Well hitting by the pain of poverty most people believe that money is but a devil’s tool to bring a strike on humanity instead of a god given gift for the advance of humanity.

Most people misunderstood between the importance of having money and fulfillment in their career especially newbie that are just starting their career just because they want to supply and ease their burden.

Money does not create or gives you a life it will only advance your life. In another word, money is not here to let you live it’s here to let you live better. Money will buy you a bed but it doesn’t buy you a good night sleep. Having money will on be advancement never the priority in life. Money buy you a big nice bed but never a good night sleep.

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The answer is YES! Keep striving for wealth but bind it with fulfillment …

If creating wealth is like baking a cake then the most important ingredient should be fulfillment  like flour and money could only be nothing but a small amount of baking powder.
Money is one of the lowest motivations of all times, without fulfillment you have no life at all. You could say that I’m a hypocrite but look at the mirror of your life. You will still be poverty stricken if you are only left with money alone. You could be a millionaire or even a billionaire but without the  main ingredient you are still a mediocre. Ask any successful people and they gladly answer it for you.

Bring on the action today and move ahead…

If one of the greatest discovery of why men should move forward is discovered it should be the direction of their foot pointing. (HAHAHAXD… It’s funny but Its a profound truth)

Step 1

Plan something out of it.

Start and do something today?
And it doesn't you have to get your butt out immediately. Eventually no successful people did that because if you go out without a plan all you get is the same. Your tire will go flat and you stop at somewhere much worse than where you are today.

*Note: Actions comes with a Plan and a successful plan equals Money in all career.

'Take a piece of paper and pen instead no matter where you are or what time is it you're reading this article nothing really matters.

Ask yourself the magic question, If you would be doing the same thing for the next 30 years will it be the current job you're currently doing?
If the answer is no, then what will it be?(Write it down)

Contemplate, Di-sect and Analyse 20 career you could think of it instantly and choose the one that can really take your long face off.(HAHAXD...it means something that you feel like achieving and passionate about even its something that you have not do it before) And that my friend will be the career you desire.

If the answer is Yes then its time you make a plan and a series of monthly goals in order for you to peak perform.

Step 2

Timing Equals Money. If you want to make money timing is important.

*Note: Get a calendar any calendar and date it down. If its not on a calendar its not going to pay.

Write down when you wanted stop your current job and change. And remember the date is for you to stop your current job not for you to start the new career because it starts now(the real Timing).

Never ever delay your passion. Because it motivates you even higher everyday doing it even its only an hour touching the topic. Bind it with a goal (something that you wanted) so that you will know what to achieve instead of going back on chasing money on the circle again.

Step 3

Study your career. Looks for opportunity to study on the topic that are related to your career doesn't matter if you're just a normal sales person or a even an unknown writer. Read my blog its free or buy books on the topic. Hire a coach if you have to. Keep updating yourself. Be an expert in the industry.

*Note: Do not let you small business make you a small thinker.

Everything is possible in life just like Nick Vuijicic (my favorite...XD), even without hands and legs he still swims in the ocean and even on a surf board.  There is never limitation in our life except for only the ones we set for ourselves. But does he struggle through it? Yes of course so do us. In fact we should be more gratitude on what we have.

Step 4

Last piece, put it into Action. Apply what you learn or the ideas you have even if it doesn't work out well. Keep on doing it again and again. No one is perfect even an experts are students that are still imperfect and still practicing their art in their career. Remember that nothing pays if no action is taken,

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