Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fight Poverty don’t Opt into it

Poverty is one of the biggest issues and also fear most people face today in our society. And most economists has concluded that poverty in today’s life is no longer the ones who have no food and shelter but had move to the mediocre who work a job and spent all their salary by the end of the money without any saving.

Almost like stumbling block for most people to block them from looking at the end of their career days. Poverty and fear are cousins both of them never existed in real facts but why have they taken so much credit in our career path?

How powerful is Poverty?

When you’re afraid of poverty you’re afraid of literally everything include trying new experience like eating healthy because you believe its going to cost you more (which actually don’t),you’re afraid of going out cost you’re worried of travelling fees (which leads you to depression), and you’ll start making history bills for excuse (which you starts to blame your spouse or your spouse things you shouldn't have spent on) and last of all you will went insane about everything that breaks the hearts of your love ones and lock down in your house alone scaring from depression.

What I want to tell you here is that fear and poverty are both nothing but bad management of our mind and its totally our choice to take charge and reclaim your agenda today and trust me whether you’re a politician, businessman or even a co-worker, poverty has and will always be in the way of success its whether you choose to embrace and chase it out of your life or keep letting it to haunt your life in the mystery dark path of your life.

Most people wouldn't even understand that the truth behind the story why they falls into poverty. Mostly because they are just too afraid of it that they don’t even dare to take the time to understands it. That allows poverty to take its advantage to hide in the shadow of fear and haunt the victim until they falls into the category. Misleading its victim towards wrong decisions instead chasing for their dreams and passion, poverty and fears stunts the act on of taking risk and play safe like a cowardly ostrich 

Many motivational speakers have proven the funny part of getting from poverty to riches is when they realize poverty is not the end of their life.

Take the example Anthony Robbins also known as Tony Robbins, one of the greatest motivational leader was told that when he was facing poverty in the rock bottom of his life bought a meal for a kid that dated his mother which the money he had and broke the chain with poverty from the act and sky rocket his career in his interview with Brendon Burchard for his new book MONEY: master the game.

All Tony did was just a touch and taste of poverty’s biggest fear…SPENDING UNSELFISHLY….
Of course you don’t need to go out and buy some kid and their mom with all your money like what Tony did.

You are always in responsible of your own life and everything you do in life is nothing but a reflection of your inner world. If you have a haunted inner world you shall live in a haunted world it is. If you’re in this situation of poverty all it takes is just a simple way to get out of it….
Face it like facing a fierce beast that wreaks your life face to face and fight it with your bare fist like a warrior that believes in their true strength….

Your actions are your fist, it determines how strong you hit the beast...

If you are a politician struggling go and ran the campaign that you fear of doing it for so long that haunts you even if you might got jailed just like Nelson Mandela. If you’re a worker that wants to starts your own business career life go and freaking starts a business today even you know you might fails and survive on cheap burritos. Or even you’re just a kid with an idea like Steve Jobs that has an idea that’s going to change the world when he starts Apple Inc.

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