Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to have Exponential Growth in your Life

Hi guys today we’ll be talking about how to have exponential growth in life. And this is actually one of my favorite topic of all because I took this topic as my life agenda to be alive and fulfilled. And I know in this post most people are going to feel offended about it because it’s gonna be an insult for boredom, distraction and mediocrity. 

So here’s 5 areas of life that we need to focus on that’s going to bring exponential growth in life. So lets roll…

#1     Focus on your life’s work.
The first step to exponential growth in life is we need to focus on our life’s work. And its not necessary your job. But if your job is the one thing that you’ll be happy with it for the next 30 years then go ahead but if its not then maybe it’s time for you to focus on getting know what career would you like to do for the next 30 years even the rest of your life that’s going to bring you fulfillment. If you’re not sure then maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your life and ask yourself the magic question.”If I were to be in any career or job what would it be” and trust me in this century whatever you do can make an income. 

#2     Focus on your relationship with your family
Love is one of the most power force of all and we get most of them from the ones we loved and love us mostly our spouse and family.. How long since have you stop and took a gaze your spouse or even make a phone call to your old mom and pops? And how long have you not seen the curios smiles of your kids? After being a husband of a wonderful lady I've seen many divorces and boredom in marriage and even I myself was nearly involve. Why and how could it happen? Here’s a piece of coaching, the reason is very simple. Nobody was focusing on their relationship with their spouse and family. And worse part is they expect the other half to do it.
 If you can’t recall them maybe it’s time for you to think about that. As life goes many of us are too busy with our life and we forgot about the most important peoples in our life, our family.
That’s why decide today to make effort on building a relationship with your family. Takes even 15 min a week to make a call to your parents or even a few minute a day to text your wife trust me its gonna make a difference in your life.

#3     Focus on your life stream
My favorite of all time, our life stream. Maybe it sounds a bit psyche to you but it is the essence of our life according to yogic experts. A.K.A you can't have exponential growth without the energy to sustain in the long run. And I believe it is our responsibility to live the full out of our life. Think of all the great things would you could see with a healthier and longer life. Start on today decides to take good care of you and make a difference out of it. If your overweight lose some fat, if you’re dying then decide to live even you’ll only make it a day longer so that you could bring one more loving memory for your love ones.

#4     Focus on your believe
“What are your believes my friends?” Believe is our everyday shield and weapon against doubt without it we cant take our step upon the exponential growth every successful people crave for. One of the greatest question of all time when I was coaching with my sales team in my pass company. Have you ever thought of that? Do you believe in what your doing will bring you a bright future today. Life is short and most of us fall without believes or even blindly follows what falls upon us which leads us to infinity of doubt in our lives. If you cherish your life, decide today to work upon your believe on what you’re doing do not let doubt took away your opportunity in your life to do something great out of it..

#5     Focus on being Passionate
Last piece of advice, “what are your passions in life?” What are you passionate about? Research has shown that 80% of the people in the industry have little or no passion at all in their career and they did not learn or restudy their career after 1-2 years of the job. How long have you not been having those deep passionate desires that burns deeply in your heart and wakes you up every morning even without an alarm clock even you just slept 2 hours a day. I still remember when I was in sales I slept less than 2 hours a day but after I left the company I slept 10 hours a day but yet I was still tired and filled with anxiety(which sleeping doesn’t heal). The reason is simply without a passion to live by. Decide today to get back your passion in your career if this is ain’t the career you desire and passionate for then perhaps it’s time for you to change your career.

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