Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Busting off the Degree Holder Myths

Today’s topic in ServeYourCareer we will discuss about does a degree really matter in your future career? Well this may have been facts for the past century to have a degree before going into any career but It had become a myth in the 20th century since we can simply get any information from anywhere any time no matter where you are and learn whatever we needs to learn in any career that you ever dreamed of.

In this era we are living in a world where we no longer need to brings book instead with just a click on your smart devices we can reach numerous e-book and blogs like this on the web and even training and information videos on Youtube and Vimeo. Even attending classes and seminars by just sitting in front your computer without having all the trouble getting to drive or taking a public transport like always yet some are still doing it today.

Life has been so advance in this century is that we can actually become who we wanted to be no matter where we are or what’s our situation is just like any other successful people who started from zero to hero like bill gates and warren buffets or even easier since when they started in the past they don’t have any chances or opportunity like us to have excess to all these free and useful information. But why aren’t there as much people as successful and reach to the top of the success ladder as fast as or even faster than those already there.

Here are 5 reasons why:
1.       Comfortable shades of the past generation
Thanks to what our parents striving in past, life has been too comfortable for people today that they have completely lost human’s instinct to explore on life. That’s why we always finds Lawyers in a Lawyer’s family and Doctors in a Doctor’s family (funny thing about life most people believes it’s genetic..hahaxD). People forgets that in their gene there still exist other profession and literally all profession makes money in the new era even a blogger can makes 800k a month like Micheal Arrington and Pete Cashmore. Maybe you’ll think you’re just different but we all have one head, 2 arms and 2 legs and some had lesser like Nick Vuijicic one of the best motivation speakers. Why can’t we all share the same success? (Pause and Asked yourself)

2.       Thinking of education degree as main career Investment
Career choices we all heard from any average parents are either they sent their children for college or going for a decent average income job. Degree in every parent’s thought has an equation of high income whereas Dreams has always been an equation of waste of time. How sad it is our society has to turn down their child’s dream because of an advertisement on TV that says going to college for a promised future. “Quote me on this” (You’ll not sleep well thinking of this until you talk to your kids about their dream and I hope I’ve influenced you to do it).
*Note for parents; here’s the tricky part of our limiting believes…
Reverse your thoughts… If it’s for their career why you can’t believe in them and invested (the money you prepared for college education) in what they really desires to do in life?

3.       Wrong understanding of risk
Most people believes that for the money they invested in education firm will bring them a lifetime freedom or risk from being jobless so that after they had graduated they can get into a decent job but what they never realize is the changes of the new era where you could make money even without a degree. What worse could happen today is even if you have a degree you might not be as competitive as the other 100k new graduate every month or previous years that are still looking for jobs.  Could you simply imagine you would have built your own library if you’d use all those money for books of your industry instead of college?

4.       Cheated by education marketers
One thing you will only realize by now if you’re a lucky fresh graduate that had just get into a job is what you’ve spent time learning sleeplessly in college and all the assignment that you’ve done in order to have a better grade almost or literally 80% has nothing to do with your occupation especially in sales which is one of the easiest job available in the market today. If you recalculate your college fees today it will only worth 20% of the price you’re paying and most college would even ask architecture student to learn accounting subjects and culinary art students to learn business management studies in order to increase their fees (How realistic our world is).

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5.       You forgot to look into the future you
We’ll all have to admit that none of us was conscious enough to look into our long-term self dreaming who we wanted to be instead we kill our time in the college thinking of the hot girl or guys (that’s gonna leave you anyway) next class having all the fun and comfort instead of what we could have if we could just be more conscious of who we wanted to be and what we could achieve in the next 2-5 years of life. Let’s say it took you 2 years to sell toothbrush and now you’re a successful toothbrush salesmen that makes 10k a month driving a decent car wouldn’t it be better for you to be in college still walking and reading only marketing text books? ( Don’t forget your fees)
I could have simply spent a whole day talking with you more than 100 facts and reason about this topic because I was too a college student struggling with a little pocket money and sometimes none and have to work on a part time job until I’ve met and associated with one of the greatest sales guru in my country. And of course there are still many people who are living quite a life after they graduated but what I wanted to emphasize is you don’t to be a degree or master holder for your dream you’ll just need to chase it that’s all. (Yes that’s all)

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