Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Its Time for a Breakthrough

Its time for a breakthrough! First of all congratulation if you’re spending your time to read this blog which is going to accelerate your life for a breakthrough. A lot of people believe that in the economy these days we need a lot of money to make a change in our life or you've to look extraordinary.

Sadly they are right because what they believe what they'll get. But here's a good news for you, You can either decide to be like those crooked potato couch just sitting there and complain do something out of your life today that going to bring a breakthrough out of the old rut but first before you could decide what kind of life you deserve to be live I’m gonna tell you what I believe here;

1. God made us all beautiful, unique and magnificent.

2. As long you’re passionate to make a change in your life there’s always a way.

3. Believe in yourself that you could solve things out.

And these are the thinking’s that kept me alive and happy even in my toughest time of my life business or marriage and even parenthood (now).

Here are some things you could do today to bring your life forward even if you don’t have any money.
  •  Get connected
Thanks to the modern technology we have which is the Internet we are now able to connect with the world anytime of the day through social network and media and what I meant by that is not browsing all day on the internet liking pages and gossiping comments for the next 5-6 hours and woke up unconsciously and say “what did I just done?”…. HAHA.

Many did that I Know and it used to happen to me too so please be aware. So let’s get back to the main point. So I think since we can connect to the social media and networks like facebook and twitter take it as an opportunity to increase your circle and get updated.

Seek new friends and see what people are doing lately and what the latest trend is. And I’ve found that to be pretty useful especially when you don’t have any friends around you and it’s kind of weird for you to walk out to the street and pick on someone to talk with. (You’ll get what I mean)..

And the best part is it solved the “What If I don’t get well with people?” fear that most people has in speaking public. Just 1-2 hours a day. And if you want to get ahead more you can even go face cam with your friends of that circle (provided that you already know the person and has been chatting for some time).

So go ahead to and spends 1-2 hours a day to increase your social circle and get yourself updated before talking to the right person.

  •  Income source
Income source and why does it relate to your life?

Most people would argue that money doesn't buy you happiness. Well they’re right (50%), some time you do need money so sustain a breakthrough. But that’s not the point. The reason I didn't mention income or money instead of the word Income source is because I want you to understand that action is the things that going to give you joy money are just bonus throughout the journey for newbie’s who are trying to start their life as an adult especially.

Please don’t go and work a job just because you think and believe you’ll be much happier with the salary and time you spend on it instead of wandering around. That’s not true at all.

I remembered in my first job as a promoter in one of the local shoe store when I was 16-17 years old paid me for 1k bucks a month and It wasn’t really happier than the first business I involve in selling soap bar that only made 50 bucks…

And people used to think I’m not being logic but human are emotional animal. God made us feel our life not just to live by needs but wants at the same time.

A pay from a job is what I need but running a business is what I want. And I believe what will truly makes you success in life is by doing things that you want and love and yet turn it into a paying career.

That’s why you are responsible to determine what you want to do in your life this moment and make a career out of it even if it doesn’t pay well from the beginning.

  • . Exercise
BAM!! (My favorite). Exercise! The most easy and accessible thing you could do anytime of the day. And the best part is its Free. All you need to do is get that lazy butt off that sticky chair and start exercise.

Either is just doing 50 push-ups or going for a jog. Do something that’s brings sweat and awaken the muscles from last night’s rest. If you want a breakthrough you're going to need to feel that Heart beat and be alive at every moment of the day.

We all know that nothing beats depression and anxiety better than sweats and a whole bunch of heart beats but we’re just aren't doing it.

The benefits of exercise have been proven for centuries against anxiety and depression.

Exercise in the morning allows you to have better metabolism and blood flow which allow your body to have higher oxygen levels in each and every cell that going to makes you energetic and happy throughout the entire day.

Almost all successful people do their morning exercise as a daily routine. All it takes is just 30 minute a day to enjoy a great dose of endorphin serve from your brain to make you feel happy for the entire day.

  •  Have some time for yourself
Have some time for yourself today and adopt a new Hobby in your life that brings you forward. Do some yoga, meditate or read some books on your career.

Do something that increases your believe and self-worth.

Don’t spend time watching TV episodes, instead make it a substitute to go on youtube and look for something you could learn from yoga to workouts and even culinary like cooking and baking.

There has to be something you could learn from.( And the best part is its free…XD)

  •  Pen and paper your life
Last of all, one of the greatest thing I’ve practice in life is to write down what I wanted in life to be every day. For most people instead of writing down what had already happen into the diary, try and do it in a different way by deciding what you want your life to be of today. Always remember that if you let others to create your life it will always be the size of your feet.(don’t let that happen)

Decide today that you’re going to create your own life. Psychology has proven that when you write things down it allows your brain to physicalize words into something that’s tangible which allows you to create it into your world by 2000% which is 20 times more possible.

And here’s how you do it, woke up every morning after you had your breakfast and morning exercise where you feel all charged up before your work sit down with pen and a piece of paper

and write down who you want to be today. If u need to go to work and doesn’t have any time for that then do it at night after your dinner take an hour or two and just novel what tomorrow going to be like for you. It’s your life so stop hesitating today and start creating your life.

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