Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Power of Psychology in Life

It all starts within you.
Whether it's a sales you're trying to make,
the weight you're trying to loss,
even the girl you're trying to catch up.

Everything start within you.
Success and failure are all a set of mental behavior which we called it psychology.

How Psychology makes the different?

We could all come out with brilliant strategy to achieve whatever we need to achieve but in the long term it is our own psychology, our own set of believe that's going to make us proceed.
But if we are not psychologically prepared for it we will still fail in the long term.

Assume you're having exercise without a nice warm up for sure you'll end up with cramps and bad performance because you are not ready.
Psychology gets us mentally ready. It allows our brain to sent the data to our body that 'physicallize' all the ideas in our inner world into results.

*Note "What our mind could conceive and believe it could become actual facts"
It is when we are ready to make a sales and believe we could make a sale that sales are made, when you're ready to be slim and believes its possible to loss weight that weight are loss, and so does our relationship and any other topics of life you've worked hard on even sex.

That is the reason why most successful people study psychology more than strategy studies.

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How Powerful is Psychology?

It is the alarm that woke us up every 6am. The extra push that leads us a breakthrough before and even after 5pm. And the willingness to even put our hands to study on our topics for achievement after the tiring day at 9pm. Also the  persistent to still achieve no matter what circumstances hits us every single moment in our way of success in life.

Psychology is also our set of attitude that turn every failure into a learn-able lessons and lead us to more perseverance.

Last of all, it is what reminds us of showing gratitude even in the toughest days of our life. It is our psychology within that led us to believe that there is always a way and a light at the end of every tunnel.

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