Sunday, 10 May 2015

Inspirational thoughts

Inspirational thoughts is one great way to enhance our life further. Since what happens in present is a reflection of our inner world. Inspirational thoughts plays a powerful role in our journey to success.
Months ago in my journey to success i am always trouble with why most people cannot seems to arrange their thought and behavior in order for them to succeed.

Then i got a powerful revelation that hit on my mind.
In order for us to inspire others we need to inspires ourselves first.All it takes is just inspirational thoughts....

Here a Story on Inspirational thoughts

In our everyday life, when we are hit down by the circumstances in our life, did we actually gaze at what have it taught us in life.

I believe most details and circumstances are here send by our god as a blessing and a teacher to teach us something. And beauty always comes out when we paused and gazed in it. Just like lifting weights, have you all ever paused and gazed to the weight you carry and discover the smaller weight actually has a bigger than the bigger weight. I did.

One day after my training at the living room as I lay sitting on the ground completely exhausted, sweating so I paused and gazed at the weight and I discovered why does the smaller weight has a bigger hole when they are actually on the same bar. 

So I quickly measure it and a powerful revelation hit on me and all of the sudden the way I viewed every challenges I face upon my life changed. In Our life, everyone has problems in their life rich or poor, good or bad, positive or negative which is represented by the hole of the weight.

Negative people (mentally poor) are like the smaller weight. Their thoughts are always demotivating. They always believes that their hole is bigger so instead of focusing on the weight the focus on the hole. 

They believe their spouse is a problem when they actually they are viewing their spouse as a problem then it goes to their parents, kids, neighbourhood, and even their pet. Until pain hit their muscle they decide to carry a smaller weight and as their muscle goes weaker in the end they can't even carry their self ended up descending in the darkness of life.

Here's how Inspirational thoughts Rocks

On the other hand, positive people (mentally rich) focuses on the bigger weight not because they are a 100x smarter or stronger at the beginning but discovered the hole of all the weight are never different yet they are all the same. 

And that my friend is inspiring. Inspires yourself to go for higher level instead of playing safe is part of inspirational thoughts. So they focus on carrying the heavier weight. Inspirational thoughts allows you to strives and take charged of their life instead of make blah blame and little excuses. They believe that bigger weight better muscles.

Pain can also hit you too but joy from the inspiration you had overcomes it when they saw the joyous expression from their spouse they carry, their kids, parents, and neighborhood. And now you're even inspiring others. Sooner or later you will have the ability to take fully charge and engaged into the world they dreamed of. 

If we can decide to simply paused and gazed at the challenges of our life and see our self as the ones carrying the heavier weight instead a bigger hole we can easily go through every circumstances in our lives and live a freer and more fulfilled life. This is what inspirational thoughts gets you. It Inspires you and it inspire everyone around you. Change your thoughts change your world.

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