Saturday, 16 May 2015

The substitution Method in Success

Hey guys!
Lets talk about substitution today...
What would you do if a substitute came along?
This is very common when we are in the journey towards our ideal or craving dreams...
To be honest many of us did accept it including me...
Is substitution really a bad thing?
The answer is Not necessarily..
Substitution is not necessary a bad thing when you decide to have it with the original idea...

What people taught about substitution? 

Throughout decades many leaders in the market taught people that to be loyal to their dreams and will only accept what they dreamed of..
And on the other side of the way too people are teaching the opposite which is to accept great substitute along the way as well..
People these days are simply stunned and doubt at what they want to achieve when they are faced with other opportunity along the way of achieving their dreams..

Well, here's a way to solve your doubt...
Use the 50 / 10 question...
In Malaysia we have a  very powerful joke that nobody knows it could solve psychology doubt..

Here's the Story

Lets say you are on the road walking by the street all of the suddenly 2 notes appear out of no where lying on the ground a 10$ note and 50$ note...
The 10$ note says pick me so that you wont felt so much guilt taking other people's lost..
The 50$ note says pick me and your bills is solve this month..

After you contemplate for an hour you say alright I'll take the 10$ note but right when you're about to pick it up a Malaysian walk by and pick both of them up and say well they didn't say you can't pick both up didn't they?
Now the guy not only lost 10$ nor 50$ he lost 60...hahaxD

The Moral of the Story

Do not doubt when opportunity knocks on you pick them all up...
That's why salesperson lost their sales when a customer tries to buy a 10$ product and you keep telling them to get the 100$ one. And they made none. Make the 10$ sale first then sell them the 100$ one.

Then what happens is you get 110$ sales today, What lost do you have to lost when you're job is to promote both anyway?

That's why fast food restaurant today came out with a A la Carte and a set meal...
When the customers tried an A la carte burger they will sure get themselves a set meal with fries and drink...

What if it Happens on You?

It's easy to say scenario of others but what if its your turn?
The tricky part of truth in life is there's always you're turn..
What if it happens on you?

Well the theory works both ways, HAVE BOTH..!
What if today you're craving for Kentucky fried chicken?
Should you went for fried chicken in another stall.

Yes!! why?!

Because when you went for the stall first you pay less if the chicken is good you won't go to the Kentucky but if you go straight for the Kentucky you'll regret that you spent more instead of something that tastes better and saves you money..

Does it mean you're don't need to go Kentucky? No you'll still have both because in your mind if you didn't taste both you'll never satisfied and believes the cheaper ones are actually better the value.

"Enough of setting all the limiting believes on yourself and  go on an adventure by giving a try on all the substitution  you receive along the way..."

What Am I trying to tell you?

Novelty! Novelty! and Novelty!
We survive on novelty much more compare to our demand...
Getting what we want is never enough compared to exploring what we want in Life!
Accepting substitution along the way until you reach your true goal is a great way to inspire novelty in your Life..
It is always important for us to have novelty. Without novelty life is boring and we will never have a breakthrough in our life. Have novelty and schedule it. Why?

Novelty is great because it excites us when we are trying to discover new things in our life. It allows the brain to produce endorphin to give us the excitement to endure the journey. But what challenge us is whether do we have the ability to schedule novelty?

And you probably know by now this blog you're reading could be the 10th or even 20th browser you open for the last 1 hour. Be conscious when you're exploring if its fried chicken stick to the category otherwise you end up overeating and spoil your diet. If its motivation and self-help you want to learn stick to the category that you want to learn today don't go for others.

That's all for today..

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