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Business Motivation

Lets talk about business motivation. One of the greatest doubt of all new sales person is always knowing whether the things they do now is taking them any where in their future. Which mean how do you get yourself psychologically ready to make your first sales? But why do they even doubt in the first place? Here's why they are lack of business motivation.

Many believe that to be a sales magnet they have all the money they needed to attract make customers believe how successful their business is and how worthy their products are which most of us know that is not true at all. The truth is they are just are motivated to move their butt and start achieving their goal.

Successful business motivation helps the sales person not only achieve goal better but align their sales career. They no longer only woke up with coffee to help them stay awake and chat with associate anymore like turkey. They go out and make sales.

Before I turn you into a sales magnet let me give you some business motivation you need to make your first sales and how to get you into the burning and desirable mode you need in order to be like one…

TIP #1

Look motivated

To be motivated first you have to look motivated. Nothing is more motivating than a great smile with your prospect in your sales conversation. Other than that, dressing is one of the most difficult yet confusing question to ask most of the time especially when we’re In the new era where everyone are going in for smart casuals.

Go and get a decent hair cut will also improve your first impression while meeting your prospect.(You wouldn’t want your hair to flying around while you’re talking to your prospect don’t you..hahaXD and too you don't need to have rainbow color hair to look motivated...hahaxD)

TIP #2

Dose up Your Product

Most companies today are offering free products for their staff to enhance business motivation. How confident are you with the product you’re selling? Greatest tip of selling your product in the market is to tell your own personal testimony. Tell them the little of how your product has done in your life.
Nothing is more motivating when you realize your products really works.

If you’re selling insurance, tell them what the plan serves you and your family. Same goes to beauty product show them your picture before and after your product (Even better if you could film yourself using it or with a customer as a demo video).

If you want to get your sales path in rocket speed kept in mind;
"Use and tell" is always more effective than "buy and sell".
It’s always important to “use and tell” before you sell anything to anybody. Here’s a piece of coaching; people doesn’t follow what you say they follow what you do. That why people who invested 100k always get people that are willing to pay 100k for their project.

TIP #3

Motivational affirmation

One of the most psyche part of life that god has created which are also proven by the bible is our word could actually creates our life. What we say today is what we will get anytime. So it’s important as a sales person to have a list of motivational affirmation on what you want to achieve and become in your sales career.

Here’s some example you could try that are used by myself;

· I Like Myself (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m Attractive (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m Influential (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I’m the best (Repeat 10 times morning noon and night)

· I am Responsible ( when face any situation or challenge repeat this)


Give yourself a chance to challenge your own limiting believe by doing these every morning, noon and night before you sleep for the next 7 days and I guarantee your income will show you how it works.

To get Inspired                Inspirational Thoughts !
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Tip #4

Updating your skill give you more Business Motivation

Lack of understanding in our expertise demotivates and even further when we try to do something that we do not understands at all. This is one thing that has proven in any field of any expert. As a successful sales person it is our responsibility to continuously improve and update our skill and ability in order to produce more sales yet becoming more attractive in front of our prospect and sales team if you’re climbing for a higher level.

Its proven by the 20/80 rule that 20% that makes all the money that 80% of the sales person can make reads 1 book a week and at least 4 books a month which equal to at least 48 books a years. Think of how much experience you could get if you would just spends 1-2 hours a day to read a book about your career.


Here’s some suggestion you could read as a newbie sales person that are easy to implement and lesser time to understand and read still they are all could be practice in to your sales life instantly…
Please get them now, I've put the link to close your back door back to poverty! Just click on the image and it will lead you there...

· Psychology of selling by Brian Tracy

· Art of Closing the sales by Brian Tracy

· The Winning Attitude by John C Maxwell

· The Secret of Millionaire Mind by T.Harv.Eker

· You Can Reach the Top by Zig Ziglar

· Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

There’s plenty more but I’ll most recommend those that are not so advanced here..

TIP #5

Momentum builds more Business Motivation

Last piece of advice, one of the greatest mistake for all salesperson is to start making call after they arrive at the office, meeting and even coffee. This are what the bottom 80% of sales person do in that makes literally no money yet ends their day talking about the traffic. 
To be the top 20%, its always wise to arrange your sales call in the morning right after u leave your home and don’t give up until have done with at least 5 calls of your list. For new sales person without a list go ahead and create one in the market with strangers. (More enjoyable experience compare to calling a list)

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