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Anxiety Management in the Journey of Success

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Something that makes your butt heavy and sticky in the morning. The worries that we felt when we don't receive or pay check.

The nervous that haunts us down before facing our client and Uneasiness we had for not being able to achieve our goals. Anxiety! (HAHA..May sound Awkward but that's the truth.)

What is Anxiety?

Most people thinks or believes that anxiety is nothing but feeling tired but its actually not. Feeling tired is only what you get from anxiety. Anxiety is actually the feeling of uneasiness, worry and nervous of not being able to reach their goals yet.

Why do we need to manage our Anxiety?

One of the greatest threat in the journey to extraordinary is when we do not have enough energy to sustain your journey. In our journey to success no matter you are or what career you're in we all need energy in order for us to become enthusiastic and excited most of the time.

High level of energy not only allows us to sustain ourselves to explore in the unknown regions of our career it allows us to influence others to work with us through out the journey as well.

Destruction of Anxiety

Too bad that, a lot people happens to quit when they are hit by anxiety. Realize they can't pull strength to sustain their dreams leaving the game with buried regrets.

Imagine how many great dreams pop off like light bulbs every single second everyday day on earth just because people fail to pull up their strength to succeed in their journey.

How many great people that could make this world a better place to live by have we lose just because of anxiety. Great dreams just seems to be starting on an extinction. Someone must have an idea better than the iPhone we use these day. The car we drive.Or we might even move to another planet earlier.

How-to Manage our Anxiety

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  1. Have a Long-term goal

    While having a short-term goal will only give us more unease when we are not able to reach on time. Have a long-term goal that allows us to have the time we want to prepare ourselves for it. Kept in mind that it is not what we receive from achieving the goal but we become from achieving the goal.
  2. Change the Quality of your food
    People these day have terrible quality of life. They woke up with a rush and feed themselves all the oily food and even fast food that are filled with chemical and cancerous substance. If you want to be successful change the quality of your life! Keep yourself away from all the harmful substances that destroys your organs. Eat organic.
  3. Join a Healthy circle
    Nothing gives you more anxiety that listening to all those complains and worries from those mediocre. Change your circle today, look for people who encourage you to succeed instead of telling you to play safe.
  4. List of Gratitude

    Number one powerful tool of successful people. Show gratitude! Nothing gives you more energy than expressing your gratitude on  things that happens in your life. Good or bad, it doesn't matter at all. If all things we're good what are there for us to learn. Have a list that you are thankful of.
  5. Meditation

    Yogic activity is one of the greatest way to clear up your mind today! Put yourself in a peaceful state for at least 12-20 minutes a day. Meditation allow your brain to control your thoughts and impulses which allow more ideas to flow into your mind. Go for yoga classes or you might even learn it from YouTube these days thank to the internet.
  6. Exercise

    My favorite of all time! Exercise! Make it the first thing to do right after you open your eyes in the morning. What I actually do is do 50 push ups ,jumping jacks, sit ups and squats right after i get up from bed. The heartbeat always gives me an instant smile in the morning instead of the zombie look most people has these days in the office.

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