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8 Extraordinary things that Happened to Extraordinary People

Hey guys, today we'll be discussing on extraordinary things that most ordinary people met in their journey to become extraordinary and I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. For most of us would believe or even asked that why'd these things has to happen in your life here's the answer and welcome to the journey of Extraordinary.

The 8 extraordinary things;
  • They'all got Broke Hard Time
    Literally all successful people started with literally no money at all and went broke to chase their dreams.  In Robert Kiyosaki's Book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, the number one lesson that Rich dad teaches was "work for free".

    Just like Steve Jobs was only a kid in his pair of jean working in his garage and build a humongous tech empire called And in his biography he claimed that he never worked for money.

    If you're working for money you'll ending up chasing it like the song you heard when you was a child, round and round like "Ring around the Rosie, and get nothing but a pocket full of posies".

  • Got themselves kick off from the circle
    People left them not because they are crazy or insane or they are too proud to hangout but because the old friend circle are no longer suitable for them.

    In our journey to success always be ready to get lonely because we can't stick with the mediocre forever. They pull us down and criticize on your ideas. Success are really a myth to them.

    That's why most successful people ended up removing themselves from the old circle of friends(most of them are just left by their friends) and ended with a circle of successful people who are relevant to their thoughts and ideas of life.

  • They creates a philosophy that supports their believes
    For most mediocre, they literally didn't know what are their life's agenda are not to say to figure their own philosophy. It happens when they are ready to leave their life as mediocre and starts working on their success. Hit hard by failure jaws then they realize what works for them in life.

    Brian Tracy: When he was a laborer, wandering job to job thinking of how to be like those successful and rich people that has been a myth to him suddenly realize that nobody is responsible for his life except himself.

    Then he decide to take charge for his life and start with the positive affirmation that says to himself everyday "I am Responsible" that literally works for everyone to improve their self-esteem. And the program is still studied by thousands of sales person in the industry.

  • They Idolize and Admire Somebody
    If you want to be successful you have to idolize somebody. Admire somebody that's better than you in your industry or life so that you could put your heart to learn from them.

    Nick Vuijicic Idolize god for his love. Because of his love upon god he learns to love everyone on earth and see through all the imperfection in others daily life and becomes teaches people how to be unstoppable with the love of god.

    Brian Tracy todays super sales guru. When he just started out sales, he performed poorly and soon  he learn to admire people and the first person was one of the sales super star in his company when he first started sales. He learn from him and his sales career boom ever since.

  • They started to study on their topic
    Successful people all understand and realize that what they had right now are always not enough for them to success or take them far enough towards their dreams. That's why they study hard on their topics from books, tapes and audio programs.They kept themselves upgraded all the time.

    One great example was; Brendon Burchard , He listens to Tony Robbins Audio Tapes every single day when he started his career as a motivational speaker. Reads one book a week, which equals to 54 books a year for 7 years non-stop and today he is one of New York Times best selling author for all of his books and people pay tens of thousands of dollar just to get advice from this motivation expert.

  • They went insane with only a burning desire
    One of Les Browns favorite quote of all times. "You Gotta be Hungry!"
    All successful people started up with only nothing but a deep desire to be successful. They can be broke financially but mentally they have what it got for the journey and they are Hungry!!

    As for the mediocre they usually quit when they have empty stomach or no time for TV. (HAHAXD....No Joke! Testify and interview it yourself).

  • They all have the same response to Failure
    "There has to be a way" Successful people some how has developed a deep faith in believing that there has to be a way to solve things out. And its quite true.

    Take thousands of human history and there has to be somebody that succeed in chaos, wars, political issues, losing their spouse or love ones, hungry stomach and even without TVs. It is our actions to choose and stand upon circumstances that makes us mature.

  • Everybody stops complaining
    One thing I love the most when having dinner with successful people is they stop complaining instead they express gratitude for all the adversity that happens in their life. Gratitude is one of the most powerful weapon for extraordinary people.

    "It is when We let go of our Pride and Learn to Appreciate the Adversities in our life, We learned Lessons that brings wealth to us."

    Be thankful for all the failure you may encounter today. Even you may not have any money at all this moment but still be thankful of the life you have, the heartbeat, fresh air and sun shine.
That's all for today, see you at the Top!
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