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Delayed Gratification

Hey guys, we're on a big topic today. This is going to change your life forever. How about that as a promise...=)

Today we're talking about delaying gratification. Most people heard the term but how many of us have really understand it deeply...

Let me share a story before we start the journey....

What happens when delayed Gratification goes wrong!

A 500 pound lady that tries to loss weight, went for a jog in the park. She jog and she jog until she sweats her shirts and her pants. 

Went home and tell her bacon and cheese, she ain't having it today. In her lunch time she had veges instead of meat and dinner she ate a little oatmeal and some bread. 

And as soon as she finished her routine she says, its time for reward, she talks to her ice-cream how tough her journey today and writes her diary with a bag of potato chips on her couch in front of her TV.  

Here's a brief understanding on Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification A.K.A Deferred or Postpone Gratification.
Our Ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward.
Delayed gratification is art that all successful leader don't really talk about these days anymore,

I'm not sure about why is this topic not really emphasize but when i go to the book store to get a book of the topic they found me a book on delayed ejaculation?..hahaxD
That's why I've decided to teach it here.

I believes the reason why delayed gratification has not been emphasize in these days is because people find strategy learning to success more important that psychology needed to success but kept in mind that strategies may advance your career but it is always our psychology that gonna bring us through the journey. 

Lets skip all the chatting here and let me introduce you to 5 simple ideas to help you master the Art of Delayed Gratification now

Here's 5 ideas to help you Master Delayed Gratification;

It Requires a Long-term Goal.

Guess what they 500 pounds lady ended up. She'll kept repeating the same rut until she learns the lesson and sees whats wrong or worst she may never get out of the rut. 

In our journey to success, mastering this art allows us to take a leap instead of climbing the stair like most people that struggles. When we have a long-term goal we are more conscious of what are the desserts and which are the main course in the journey.

Doesn't Mean "HARD" all the time.

Seeing everything as a difficulty is only bad management of our mind. How hard is it to eat healthy when a bowl oatmeal cost you less than bacon and cheese. Easier to prepare and cleans up excessive waste in our body. 

The fact is we all didn't see that "It feels harder right after we receive our immediate reward". Ask anyone on the journey, and even yourself how many times have you not feel guilty after you accept the little reward and given on all your major goals.

 How many prayers do we have to submit from feeling tempted by devils trap in through out the journey. It all leads to whether have we practice the art of Delayed Gratification.

Don't Get Overwhelmed  ! 

STRESSED = DESSERTS, never lets it catch ya. Most people give up when things getting to all stressed up. When the result comes slow or the missed a series of episode of this and that on TV or hit down by a rejection. Save up appetite for the main course. 

Kept in mind that, God designed it to be like this so that we are prepared for the great things he sets in for us. Just like the lottery winners always lost all the money.

Everyone gets overwhelmed when they starts up the journey don't be surprise. Learn how to manage it instead. Don't be like the lady with the ice-cream. Be like the lady that you dreamed of.

Make Everything Simple

I'm not telling you to do simply do it. The best way to master the art of delayed gratification is to achieve your dreams task by task, Just like your on your road 600 KM to reach.

How are you going to arrange it? You stops every 100-200 KM. Don't take it at once, You will die. Even if you made it your car will die. HAHA..XD..funny but no joke... 

Most mediocre do the same thing so that they looked productive actually they are not. They try to learn and do everything at the same time and they end achieve nothing at all. Successful people only do very few task yet they manage to master everything in their journey.

Expect Much More Than What You Pay

Delayed Gratification also means expect much more than what you pay. Do not let yourself to fall for the little goodies until you receive what you deserve for in the journey. 

Ask yourself how many times have you regrets after you realize why you didn't strive hard in the past when you should have. Successful people are very good at seeing what their effort pays when mediocre will just settle when they get a hold or even lesser on the effort they pay. 

This is depressing because if you worth a million and settle down for 500 K you'll ended up losing the 500 K you deserve. And the worst part they falls into the pit of comfort zone and did not re-bounce until they spent every single penny.

To END the story here, delayed gratification is an art that every successful entrepreneur ..
Take it as a challenge to master it today..

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Until then go out there and make a different tomorrow..

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