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Inspirational Success

Hey guys, hope you enjoy my past blog post, and today I'm going to share about something that are only learn out of experience. Lets talk about Inspirational success. The reason why most Top leaders reads books and listen audio tapes is that we are trying absorb the experience we learned along the way and inspires other by applying it in our daily life and teach it to others. There's too little time for us to test everything. And every book you could absorb at least 20 years of experience all it take is only a week or two for you to digest it.

Inspirational success is the journey of gaining success by inspiring success. Inspirational success is a long way to learn but I tried to extract the best out of it so that you wouldn't fall asleep listening to long bored stories. In fact if you're a leader in the market inspirational success could not simply be written or describe in term because experience is alive like a story. It brings images to your brain and it works most of the time because if its an experience you're not a genie pig any more like most terms that you read on books and required time to test it.

Inspirational Success makes your Journey Exciting

How does inspirational success makes your journey exciting? Inspiring Success is one of the greatest way to take a leap in your journey to success..

Every single leader in the industry believe that they are never too great to stand alone and outsmart everyone.

Great leaders always finds a way to do things different than mediocre that criticizes others success. They go the opposite way and that is to inspire others to join their journey.
Instead of getting to success alone they bring others with them.

They make the journey exciting. That's why they love to inspire others to success.
success is not to gain its what you become when striving for it..
When you allow yourself to inspire others to success you attract success. 

Nobody wants to Lead in Reality they Learn to Lead

When I first started my first business, I was good at selling things but one side-effect about selling things alone is that you get a lot of sales at the first few months and eventually you'll realize you'll run out of sales because every single one of us has limited contacts.

That's why most people went on recruiting after a while. And as a newbie i didn't realize that sales and recruitment can be related together one of the reason is because I've phobia when i wanted to ask others to join me because I do not know how to lead a person and 2nd point is we all afraid to take the responsibility to lead others. So I went and study on leadership programs and books and audio tapes.

From my experience ask any average sales person or look at their approach most of them will only ask the person to buy not much will ask the customer to join the company. The reason is very simple, 
"Leadership requires Responsibility to yourself and the person you're leading."

Leaders Inspire Others to Join with Action not their Lips 

Then I started to recruit and i realize that recruiting is actually very easy since you are already a professional in what you are selling, People found it impressive when you show them how to sell things to their contacts and make money without they even trying to influence others. Sooner and later again I got into another trouble.

Surprisingly, it only take showing what you're good at to inspire others. It turns out that recruiting is actually more easier and fun than selling because I realize that most people who did buy anything from you actually are more willing spend their time following you than just having the product you influence them to buy.

People Business Never Dries Up

Yes of course i had sales but the problem is everyone is waiting for me to help them to sell their products in hand that I actually started to lost sales. So I made a decision that changed my sales career forever. When i was at the next appointment with one of my guy I told him that I was going to be late and I ask him to do the presentation first and the guy was actually panic so I told him the procedure and he actually did the presentation as how i did it.

Cut the story short when I arrive all I need to do is just collect the amount of money i needed and gave the commission to the person. Out of my amaze, teaching and letting person to do sales not only allows them to grow better yet you inspire to try and become better.

That discoveries boom my business. Then I went on doing the same thing again and again as soon as I realize they don't need me to be around any more. And all I need to do simply run a function program once a week to gather all the leaders and keep them update.

The Magic of Inspirational Success

The magic about Inspiring success is it allows yourself to learn more sporadically...
Great leaders learn never because of the wealth goal they wanted to achieve and that why most of them were broke at the beginning.

In the journey I learned from other great leaders too. I read their books and listen to audio tapes. The wonderful part of learning is that it allow you to inspire you leaders even more when you teaches them skills and ideas that you newly learn. Not only your market value increases so as theirs. That s why company will spent a lot of money for CEOs and market directors. Inspiration makes sales sky rocket.

Inspirational success comes from Learning 

You can't inspire anyone if you stop learning to inspire. Inspiring leaders learn because they are passionate about inspiring others to succeed from what they learn. They never spend their time on the couch with a pack of potato chip in front of the TV. For many of you that realize why won't people follow you is actually because you didn't spend your time learning new things that inspire others.

Most leaders falls in the category of false leading by hyping things up and boasting. They tried to inspire others by telling false truth about how great they are but when they are in action things just didn't turn out as it should be. This is a bad habit in the journey because when the experience you share is not practical or realistic people will blame you and hurt them as well because it takes a lot of trust to allow the person follow a leader.

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