Saturday, 9 May 2015

Success Diary

Success diary?!

If you reading this post right now you might of been wondering whats so important of recording your success with a diary?
Well to me it doesn't really matter if you are recording your success or not..
Or even thinking of an expensive leather or hardcover diary book?
Neh..not really...One important thing we all need to about our inventory in business is we just need ti to work. Function is the most important part not the book.
Save up the money for something better all you need is just a simple book even an exercise book works well as long as its made of paper and you could write on it...
Success diary plays a different role in our journey to success...
Success diary is actually a place for us to practice journalism.
I know I've emphasize a lot about journalism. Pen and paper down our thoughts and idea.
Most people would simply argue that we had smart phones right?

Sometimes we do Need some Old Fashions...

Facts shows that typing on smart phones do not work at all unless you could print it instantly. Pen and paper is not only a term but its something that is tangible but on your smartphone its not tangible, your phone is not the text, please don't get me wrong. Almost all successful people today still uses pen and paper. If digital really work presidents and global organizations will all be using their smart device to sign contract all around the world.The concept of pen and paper down things is actually to allow our brain to turn our thoughts and ideas into physical items. Something that is not real, which is our thought into our world which is real. Something we can touch and feel. And this allows our mind to create it and believe its since its real. You can touch it!

It Reminds Us of Whats Right!

Other than to bring your thoughts and idea to real. A success diary is also a place for us to implement good habits into out life. Lets take sales for example. How many of us actually remember what did we said that accidentally cause a prospect to bought thousand dollar on your product. The answer is few. Most are not even conscious because it is our subconscious mind that's in action when we're doing it. And as long as we keep doing it, its going to turn into a good habit that's going to save your life forever! That's why we need a success diary to record them down immediate. How handy you can see a success diary is now.

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It Allows us to Teach!

I was lucky I was taught to pen and paper down everything i learn otherwise i will never be able to improve nor taught anybody about personal development. Writing on a piece of paper is like writing on your mind. To be honest not all of us are Einstein but even Einstein records all his blueprint and draws it all out. Thank to pen and paper we are now able to learn Einstein physics,

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It Triggers the Subconscious Mind to work!

It not only improve your memory, it allows you to lock your thoughts and ideas deep in your subconscious mind  process it for further action. That's why most people will rather write down a list of what they need to do the next day before bed and really achieve it because it allows our subconscious mind to process and bring on the action. If you still finds it hard to believe do it yourself and google it and you'll fund literally thousands and millions of people proving it.

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Makes things Simple and Easy!

Last of all, It makes everything especially important notes and scenes easier and much more accessible.If you're using pen and paper by now you must have realize that most thing you record are either lost or all mixed up. But a diary is always binds up. You could always use your color note on it to organize or even if you didn't do so, its always easier for you to find your ideas or review your success compared to a box of messy papers.

So what are you waiting for...?!
Get your success diary book now and practice journalism and record your success!!


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